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You should not take a nap. See here why!

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I Was So Confused When I Saw Him Cutting A Pint Of Ice Cream. Now I Want To Try It Myself!

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Absolutely Massive Subglacial Lake Found Beneath Antarctica's Ice

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7 exotic pets that have easy care

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Google has released the perfect ad — a Home Alone remake featuring a 38-year-old Macaulay Culkin. The ad starts off with Culkin — who plays the infamous Kevin McCallister — checking his Google Home Hub for the day's schedule.


When it comes to money, nice people really are more likely to finish last, a new study suggests. Researchers analyzed data from more than 3 million people and found that those who were nice were at increased risk for bankruptcy and other financial problems. Why? They just don't value...


Prince Harry enjoyed a heartwarming reunion today as he introduced pregnant wife Meghan Markle to the 98-year-old war widow who twice stole a kiss from him. According to the Daily Mail, Harry and Daphne Dunne were reunited today, with Meghan Markle warmly clasping the lady’s hand and...


Bread has been a staple of the western diet for so long that it would be strange to go without it. Suitable to be served with breakfast, lunch and dinner, there are few meals a slice of bread doesn’t go with. That’s not to mention sandwiches and the like, where it becomes the...


Not a porridge person? We get it. While oats are the bastions of healthy eating, they also taste a bit… bland. More than bland. Terrible, really. Even major foodies have trouble finding ways to make healthy grub taste good. (FYI – if you fancy yourself a foodie, consider entering Next...


You may have a genuine reason, you may just do it because it seems like the right thing to do; chances are, you drain the water down the sink after cooking pasta. I’ll hold my hands up and admit I’ve done it ever since I was little. After all, what else are you going to do with...


La segunda entrega de la Gala en Operación Triunfo generó tema de discusión nuevamente, en esta oportunidad por el jurado invitado de la noche que estuvo conformado por Julia Gómez Cora y Lola Índigo, quien participó en la edición 2017. Lola...


Raising a child with learning difficulties isn’t any less rewarding than raising one without them, but it can be said that it’s a great deal tougher. Whilst parents of children without learning difficulties undoubtedly fret over all the usual things a mother or father does, those...


Depression is a strange illness – it’s not diagnosed with a blood test like diabetes or anaemia. Instead, your doctor asks you a few questions prescribed by the DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, 5th edition) to diagnose a major depressive episode. According...


Tributes and stories concerning Barbara Bush are bombarding the internet today, following the announcement that the 92-year-old has passed away. By far one of the most touching – and one that truly has thousands reaching for the tissue box – is a hand-written love letter from future...


Lucky had little reason to enjoy his life. All of the owners and families who he had been with neglected him; none were interested in showing him the love he deserved. Born at a puppy factory, Lucky never found someone who wanted him to adopt him. In the end, he was given away free of...


Rob Mooberry and his future wife Amanda met while working at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Amanda was employed as a cocktail waitress and Rob as a bartender. From the very first time they met, there was love in the air. Not long after the couple start dating, however, their...


Has your favourite cat become a little tubby? You can help your fat cat slim down safely. But be forewarned: It won't happen overnight. Healthy weight loss Researchers at the University of Illinois put eight overweight neutered male cats on a diet for 18 weeks. They wanted the cats...


It can be hard to keep up with the barrage of diet trends and bold claims that promise to help you reach that feel-great weight, and if you’re struggling to drop kilos and improve your race times, it is even more difficult to wade through the tidal waves of advice. What’s more,...


It all started many years ago, when scientists Dr Allan Conney and Dr George Wagner, of Rutgers University in New Jersey, got to talking at an office get-together. Both researchers were studying the health benefits of caffeine, but from different angles. “I was investigating the effects...

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