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Absolutely Massive Subglacial Lake Found Beneath Antarctica's Ice

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You should not take a nap. See here why!

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LOOK: 4 Marines Return to Beach to Recreate Photo They Took 50 Years Ago

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Top 10 brain-damaging habits

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7 exotic pets that have easy care

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No matter how many times I read the stories, no matter how many cases I see on the internet, I don’t think I’ll ever fathom how or why a person can leave a dog out to die. When you have a dog, you’re blessed with a life-long bond with a creature that wants nothing but to be...


Probably this will be the best opportunity to go out with the most and incredible onesie that you have in the bottom of your closet. It’s time to dig through your closet and pull out that onesie for what might be the comfiest drinking event of the year. The Great Onesie Bar Crawl is...


Humans and animals can have incredibly strong ties, although we must be cautious about these when it comes to wildlife. It’s more difficult to know exactly how we should behave towards wild animals, and we certainly mustn’t interfere with their natural instincts and ability to survive...


“Right,” says Roy, looking me up and down as he takes us through the pre-flight safety briefing. “The good news is you're not so heavy that we can't take a full load of fuel.” I'm not sure whether I should feel insulted or relieved; either way, it's a...


Darrien Middleton works in the emergency department at her local hospital. Though her job is incredibly tiresome, she enjoys making a difference in people’s lives. In an ideal world, Darrien would also watch over her sick grandmother Wilma every second of the day, but of course an ideal...


The bar crawling experience is lived to the fullest if three factors are taken into account: the place, the group you encouraged and the security. This top represents the greatest potential for your tour of Ireland to be pleasant. No trip to the Emerald Isle is complete without ducking into a...


The urge to be intimate fades away when the relationship is no longer new. But any couple can have a good, happy and positive life together even when those intimate moments in the bedroom become fewer and fewer. If couples focus on the more important things that do not take place in the bedroom,...


If you survived the jungle that is high school, you’ll know it takes a lot of guts to ask someone to a dance. Especially so if you’re not a popular guy or girl and you’ve never done it before. Dakota Nelton is a high-school sophomore from Gray, Louisiana, who mustered up the...


For those with a sense of adventure, loose moral scruples and an uncanny ability to hold their alcohol, we're taking you to the world's most extreme wild parties. Extreme Spring Break Club La Vela Club La Vela in Panama City, FL, treats overworked college kids to the raunchiest and...


Gotta have a Kadabra or rare Vaporeon? Take a Pokémon GO tour or bar crawl. While you’re looking for virtual gyms and Jigglypuffs, you can get in some real-world sightseeing or share a cocktail with friends. Pokémon in Old Town Albuquerque Historic Old Town is a great...


For some years now, the Pub Crawl fever has been rising among the groups of friends, this being a way to have fun with greater security before the stalking dangers of the nightlife and the hosts of different bars have been given the task to make the experiences different and full of fun. Set off...


Not only the traditional pub crawls are existing arround the world like in the list we can find in Pub Crawls ( There are strange and different in the USA. Set off on a spirited pub crawl, and toss back a few while listening to spine-tingling tales of ghosts, ghouls and spooky...


When you show kindness and compassion, you never know just how much impact your every action can have. For Lauren Gauthier, her general positivity and caring nature ended up saving her life. She has devoted her entire life to saving abused and neglected dogs; to giving them a second chance...


Nothing can compare to the sacrifices that parents will make for their children. For Donald and Sarah Curtis that includes regularly travelling nearly 500km from Knysna to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town so that their four-year-old son, Robbie, can receive lifesaving...


When Czech entrepreneur Robert Hasek began jogging with his dog, Darwin, the three-mile runs were making the bull terrier sick with fatigue. Hasek was surprised, thinking his dog led a healthy lifestyle. To solve the mystery, he strapped a Fitbit to Darwin and discovered he was actually only active...

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