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Scientists testing new treatment for Alzheimer's

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Have you ever wondered why you are in a bad mood when you are hungry?

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How preventing breast cancer with armpit detox

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Teens whose mothers smoked during pregnancy may be more likely to break the law and be antisocial

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Boil your unpeeled carrots for maximum nutrition

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Wrap your leg in cabbage for 1 hour can help with joint pain

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9-year-old girl leaves Simon Cowell out of breath singing a huge classic

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Gluten-free diet is healthier: myth or reality?

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How sugary drinks may change the way your body burns fat

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A 5 years-old girl ticketed for selling lemonade and her father responds with a huge campaign

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At least 8 immigrants were found in a trailer on the US-Mexico border, killed by choking outside Walmart in San Antonio, Texas. One of the survivors tells what he lived. Adam Laravegas left Aguascalientes, Mexico, with the goal of achieving the longed for "American dream" without...

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In movies it is common to see children under 10 years-old who want to be at once, their own bosses, being proactive to get their own money with the same business: making lemonade. It is the case of a girl in England, however, her business did not thrive as is usually seen in the movies, but rather,...

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Bread is one of the favorite foods of households for thousands of reasons: they are spongy, easy to combine and also fill in an emergency situation. They are so rooted in our culture that in every family reunion there is a piece of bread to share and in hundreds of countries there is a...

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Sometimes we plan to throw our friends or relatives by the nearest window when we are in a bad mood or hungry have you ever wondered why? Scientists have FINALLY started explaining the dreaded state when your mate or missus is the state of being “Hangry.” According to science, the...

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"My heart will go on", yes ... I think this song resonates in our heads like an automatic rockolla whenever it is referred to. Although immortal, it is an overly difficult song to interpret ... very very difficult for its notes and structure, not for nothing the original singer is the...

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Cabbage has long been known for its healthy and nutritional properties. The vegetable has both a low calorie content and is packed with vitamin C, potassium, and vitamin K. Cabbage has been used for centuries, not just as a food, but also to treat swelling and bruising. Studies from the...

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Armpit detox may reduce the risk of breast cancer and is a great way to detox the body. Several studies have shown chemicals under the arm from antiperspirants can increase the risk of breast cancer. According to living traditionally, clinical studies show that a high number of female breast...

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It is not a secret how harmful coke intake can be, even more so if it is excessive, by different studies published in this regard. But that does not erase the fact that we love to drink at least one glass full of ice almost overflowing coke either to deal with the heat or in a meeting with family...

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Remember being a teenager and in constant fear of getting in trouble with your folks? Maybe you were sent to detention at school, broke something valuable around the house or got caught doing something you weren’t supposed to do. Looking back, you might laugh about it now, but if you were...

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A balanced diet that sits a bit on the alkaline side, along with as few toxins in the body as possible makes your body a not so nice place for cancer to start or to live. Your goal is to strengthen your immune system and make it a natural killer, fighting off cancer like gangbusters, while you...

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Washing down your bacon cheeseburger with a big, cold soda may trigger the body to store more fat than it would if you drank something without sugar, a new small study finds. When the people in the study added a sugary drink to a protein-rich meal, their bodies’ fat-burning ability...

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This apartment complex is unlike any other in the world. The reason? The rent is only 0.88 euro ($1 USD) per year. No, that's not a mistake. The rent really is that low. The project is called "Fuggerei" in German, and it's one of the oldest social housing projects in...

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The cure for silent and deadly diseases such as Alzheimer's has been a quest that scientists have untiringly pursued for many years. However, with the advancement of technology and the new century, science professionals are increasingly close to a finding that would change the lives of...

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Researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health have found a link between food allergies and an increase in childhood anxiety. "Management of food allergy can be expensive both in terms of food shopping, meal preparation, and the cost of epinephrine auto-injectors,...

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Cats are usually, in general social view, animals that although are domestic are independent, much more than dogs and this gives a feeling of being more hateful, timid and hostile, however, there are hundreds of videos that show otherwise and affectionate and familiar what can be the kittens So...

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