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This is why comfort eating is a bad idea for your mental health

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How much more you should sleep each night if you re trying to lose weight?

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70 years after the Holocaust, a drone flies over Auschwitz

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This guy channelled his inner Iron Man to better his body in 8 weeks

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This Woman lost 57 kilos in 1 year simply by adjusting her lifestyle

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The 1st of September, 1939 signaled the start of World War II, when the Germans attacked Poland. One of their first actions was to gather Jews in ghettos. The Nazis began building concentration camps in order to launch “Generalplan Ost,” an ethnic cleansing of Jews, Poles, Romani...

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Ever had a stressful day, only to eat a bar of chocolate and feel a million times better? Or going through a break-up and find yourself eating an entire tub of ice-cream? Well, there’s a reason for that. Studies show certain foods-mainly sugar, fat and salt trigger the release of endorphins,...

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Richard Lovett is a 30-year-old Capetonian who took on an 8-week Health Challenge so that he could be more fit and more self-confident. And he knocked it out the park. We caught up with him to find out how he pulled it off. Was it his determination and competitive drive, or was it the Iron Man...

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The best news: Sleeping longer may be the key to reaching your health and weight-loss goals. According to a new study from researchers at King’s College London, people who snooze for an extra hour or so could end up consuming fewer sugars and carbohydrates. With 21 participants...

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Losing weight that is gained over a period of time, when you have tons of weight to lose, is never an easy ride. “It’s hard, messy, lonely and bruising, to say the least,” says Thusani Malaudzi, a woman who is speaking with all the experience that comes with self- and...

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A new study reveals evidence that fibromyalgia patients have hypersensitive brain networks that multiply pain. Researchers at the University of Michigan and South Korea's Pohang University of Science and Technology reported evidence of a phenomenon called explosive synchronization in...

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Coconut oil is seeing a serious surge in popularity, and not just because it makes everything taste uber-tropical. The oil, extracted from the flesh of a coconut, is rumored to boost dieters’ weight-loss efforts. Because it’s derived from a plant and not animal products, many...

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The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) revealed that 1 in 4 South Africans in the workplace have been diagnosed with depression. This is not surprising since dealing with stress and criticism forms part of any job. But, faced with the wrong combination of stress and office...

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¿Pirámides y bases nazis para ovnis? Científicos 'torpedean' los misterios ocultos de la Antártida: Frente a quienes publican fotos de presuntas anomalías en la Antártida presentándolas como supuestas bases ocultas de ovnis, salen al...

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