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Orthorexia and me: what it s like to have a healthy eating disorder

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5 practical tips for sleeping better

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Mom s letter to 13-year-old son goes viral, internet loves her tough-love approach

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5 things you should always do after exercise to speed up weight loss

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The dangers of high-protein slimming diets

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4 teas you didn t know had such amazing body benefits

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Hotel guests begin to see water bubbling fiercely, can t believe their eyes when creature appear

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9 gluten-intolerance symptoms you should never ignore

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Genetic tests can hurt your chances of getting some types of insurance

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Sex hormones may be reason women get more migraines, study says

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A Washington state man said he followed the advice inside a fortune cookie and won a $125,000 lottery jackpot. The Vancouver resident told Washington's Lottery officials he discovered three fortunes inside a single cookie recently and decided to follow the advice printed on two of them:...

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Researchers believe they have determined why more women than men get migraines, offering the potential for targeted treatments. Sex hormones affect cells around the trigeminal nerve and connected blood vessels in the head, which researchers say contributes to the higher occurrence of migraine in...

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As soon as you slip off your trainers after a workout, your body starts repairing the “damage” you did to your muscles. In fact, it’s actually this recovery process – not exercise itself – that makes you stronger and leaner, says exercise physiologist and nutrition...

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High-protein slimming diets, which also go under names such as the Atkins Diet, the Carbohydrate Counting Diet and the Drinking Man’s Diet, have been the subject of much controversy over the last couple of years. These diets are all more or less based on the use of large quantities of...

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Researchers have developed a new anti-cancer drug that puts cells to sleep by stopping tumors from growing or spreading while not damaging their DNA. These new treatments, which have been tested in blood and liver cancer models, could be an alternative method for people with cancer, including...

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Gluten can be a cruel, cruel mistress – it’s part of many of the best things in life (cake, bagels, pasta), but ends up making some people feel beyond shitty (there’s an ex-boyfriend reference here, but I’ll resist). Gluten’s a protein in wheat, rye and barley...

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Children. No matter how hard you try, no matter how many times the point is proven, more often than not they think they know everything. It can be extremely frustrating for a parent to have to continuously deal with this trait, but one mom’s letter to her 13-year-old son – where she...

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One of the best things about staying at a hotel is, in my book at least, the breakfast. It’s not just the variety of options that exist at a buffet, but also that it’s somehow relaxing. This is doubly true if you have a nice view to appreciate. When it comes to such views, they...

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Scrolling through Facebook and my Instagram feed, I see examples of orthorexia proudly posted, worn like some sort of weird #fitspo badge of honour. An eating disorder, applauded. I know… because I used to be one of those people. If you’ve read about the beginnings of my...

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Teas that taste amazing – and have major body benefits? Yes please! Stock up on these four and boost your health, no meds required. 1. Buchu tea: The natural detoxer The “science” behind it: Buchu is a natural diuretic, helping the body to flush out harmful toxins, bringing...

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Do any of these sound familiar? Do you head to gym every day at 6am, no matter what? Be honest. Do you haul yourself out for a run even if it’s pouring with rain, you’re injured or down with flu? Are you only happy when you’re training for the next triathlon and is food merely...

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Taking a genetic test in your 20s or 30s could, indeed, affect your ability to get long-term-care insurance later — or at least the price you'll pay. And people who are considering enrolling in Medicare after age 65 would do well to read the fine print of the sign-up rules. Readers have...

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There is a general perception that humans don't hear as well as animals – mainly because they can hear many sounds we can’t. Added to this is the fact that humans have become less dependent on their senses for survival. As hunter-gatherers, our forefathers relied on especially...

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A good night's sleep is just as important as a healthy diet or keeping fit. Studies show that poor quality sleep has instant negative effects on your brain function and performance during the day. However, good sleep can help you eat less, exercise more effectively and be healthier...

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No matter how many times we’re told of the ill effects, no matter how many times our parents told us ‘drink water instead’ when we were young, most of us still drink soda in one form or another. In fact, many of us have actually turned to diet soda in recent years; an...

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