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Here s why you should never, ever drain your pasta in the sink

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This are the best haunted pub crawls

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Atlantic salmon use magnetic fields to navigate, even when landlocked

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98-year-old war widow tries to catch Prince Harry s eye, and what happened next will shock you

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98-year-old mom worried about 80-year-old son, so moves into retirement home to care for him

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Being nice tied to financial hardship, study finds

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'Universal' blood test for earlier cancer diagnosis ready to go to market

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Moldy bread: Here s what happens to your body when you eat the clean part

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5 yummy porridge variations that will make you a breakfast person

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Researchers develop injectable implant to prevent, detect HIV

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Researchers say they've created an enzyme that might one day reduce nicotine cravings in smokers. The scientists gave the enzyme to nicotine-dependent rats and found it broke down nicotine in the bloodstream before it could reach the brain. This quickly reduced the rats' nicotine...

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When it comes to money, nice people really are more likely to finish last, a new study suggests. Researchers analyzed data from more than 3 million people and found that those who were nice were at increased risk for bankruptcy and other financial problems. Why? They just don't value...

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You have the best intentions of starting a fresh exercise regime during the warmer months, but you're struggling because of hay fever or allergies that affect your respiratory system and sinuses. Whenever you go out for a run or an outdoor exercise class, your breathing and cardiovascular...

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Beer prices could double as a result of global warming, according to a new study. Climate change is expected to trigger more frequent heatwaves and prolonged droughts in many parts of the world. Hotter, drier climate patterns are likely to depress barley yields, disrupting the global beer...

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Bread has been a staple of the western diet for so long that it would be strange to go without it. Suitable to be served with breakfast, lunch and dinner, there are few meals a slice of bread doesn’t go with. That’s not to mention sandwiches and the like, where it becomes the...

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Gotta have a Kadabra or rare Vaporeon? Take a Pokémon GO tour or bar crawl. While you’re looking for virtual gyms and Jigglypuffs, you can get in some real-world sightseeing or share a cocktail with friends. Pokémon in Old Town Albuquerque Historic Old Town is a great...

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Not only the traditional pub crawls are existing arround the world like in the list we can find in Pub Crawls ( There are strange and different in the USA. Set off on a spirited pub crawl, and toss back a few while listening to spine-tingling tales of ghosts, ghouls and spooky...

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Prince Harry enjoyed a heartwarming reunion today as he introduced pregnant wife Meghan Markle to the 98-year-old war widow who twice stole a kiss from him. According to the Daily Mail, Harry and Daphne Dunne were reunited today, with Meghan Markle warmly clasping the lady’s hand and...

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A mother’s love for her children is eternal, this much has been proven since the dawn of time. The bond between a mom and her offspring is evident across the world, not only in humans, but in the vast majority of animals too. It’s the reason mothers will risk their very lives to...

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Dolphins can solve problems that require coordination, new research showed. The marine mammals can synchronize their actions to accomplish tasks and earn rewards. Trainers at the Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys coached pairs of dolphins to swim to and press a button on the opposite...

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A long-acting and injectable implant is showing promise to prevent and treat HIV, according to a study with mice. Rather than receiving a once-daily pill, patients can receive a continuous formulation of an antiretroviral medication called dolutegravir for nine months and then the implant can be...

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Not a porridge person? We get it. While oats are the bastions of healthy eating, they also taste a bit… bland. More than bland. Terrible, really. Even major foodies have trouble finding ways to make healthy grub taste good. (FYI – if you fancy yourself a foodie, consider entering Next...

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You may have a genuine reason, you may just do it because it seems like the right thing to do; chances are, you drain the water down the sink after cooking pasta. I’ll hold my hands up and admit I’ve done it ever since I was little. After all, what else are you going to do with...

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While searching for signs of Planet X, scientists have discovered a new dwarf planet candidate beyond Pluto. Astronomers dubbed the object "the Goblin." The dwarf planet's lengthy orbit is extremely oblong, sending the Goblin far away from Earth for most its 40,000-year-long trek...

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Researchers found 746 over-the-counter supplements contained potentially harmful and undeclared ingredients not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The study analyzed data from a tainted supplements database maintained by the FDA for trends in adulterated dietary supplements...

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