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6 things you should never ever do before you have sex

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No matter how many times I read the stories, no matter how many cases I see on the internet, I don’t think I’ll ever fathom how or why a person can leave a dog out to die. When you have a dog, you’re blessed with a life-long bond with a creature that wants nothing but to be...

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I was talking to a client about his health goals and weight loss and he asked, “Can I have cheat days?” I’ll admit my feathers got a bit ruffled, mainly because it’s a mindset that too often leads to failure. But his question deserved an honest answer. Yes, you can have...

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It’s now widely accepted that sugar is responsible for more than just cavities! Diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, brain diseases, and cancer have all been attributed in some way to sugar intake. This is definitely a reason for alarm. Not only do many of the packaged foods we eat...

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For all there are myths: with food, with the world of exercise, with jobs, with technology, even in scientific and show topics there are myths, so it also applies to the most regular thing in adult life: sex. As an experienced lady in the sack, you’ve probably become more comfy with your...

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There is a door in your head that no one told you about. It is the door through which we enter into life. And out of life again. It is the door, which separates ordinary consciousness from higher states of consciousness, mundane thought from genius. It is the door that separates...

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It’s one of those weird anatomical-arboreal coincidences: The human prostate is about the size and shape of a walnut. But what if it really were a walnut? For one thing, you’d never get prostate cancer. Which sounds great, until you realise that you could get “walnut...

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Apparently, there are unavoidable situations that although it is hard for us to accept, they occur in the injustices of life. Perhaps for some they see it as remarkable or as a humanitarian act, for others it can be an abomination that sometimes justice is not given in a just measure according to...

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