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A woman ended up partially blind for spending a whole day playing on her phone

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Cannibalism: culture vs mental state. Is it possible that we can become so?

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Discover the most frequently asked sexual question on Google

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Be careful: a new computer attack blocks your cell phone and asks for money to recover it

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5 tips for good mental health according to WHO

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How to sense positive and negative energy around you

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Donald Trump takes the first steps to end the Obamacare

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Do not forget to try this recipe to make a classic apple pie without regrets

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A man in Russia stabs his barber because he made him a bad cut

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What is the best way, according to the science, of giving bad news?

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A new type of ransomware called DoubleLocker affects Android operating systems in which a fake update of the Adobe Flash Player has been downloaded and it produces a file encryption and the change of the passwords to later ask for a monetary rescue to their owners. HACKER Ransomware (ransom)...

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As a parent, I can safely say that my worst nightmare would be to outlive my own child. That’s why this story really hit a sore spot for me and broke my heart completely. This nightmare became a horrific and tragic reality for Emma and Mohammad in Detroit, Michigan. They lost their...

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Many people think that being a mother is simply a "life cycle" process, a circumstance by which we must simply go through the survival instinct ... but it is not, it goes much more than that. And yes, not everything is cute like they do on TV when they interview a model mom, they are not...

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“When your stress cortisol hormone levels are high enough, they’ve documented that looking at a doughnut actually changes your metabolism.” [Emphasis mine] ~ Christine Northrup, M.D. Please read the above quote by Dr. Christine Northrup once more. You should now be ecstatic to...

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The garlic herb and lemon are the two best organic items used in both food preparation and wellness. They are great separately as well, but in this particular mix, a mixture is better. You most likely didn’t know that the very best and efficient remedy for unclogging arteries is the juice...

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Even if we don’t like to admit it we all have our little guilty pleasures. Those films or TV shows that we know we shouldn’t like and don’t admit to liking but secretly have an undying passion for and have to watch anytime they are on. 1. The Rock The Rock is a 1996 action...

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A high-calorie food may be key for keeping weight gain in check: People who eat more nuts are less likely to become overweight or obese, a new study in the European Journal of Nutrition finds. In the study, researchers evaluated the diets of more than 373 000 adults from 10 European countries,...

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Everyone at some point in our life (or in more than one moment) we had a haircut with which we think: "What happened to the hairdresser?" Or "Noooooo! What happened to my hair!" Things like that ... if we have a lot of power or if it's really something exaggerated, we even...

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The Internet has its downsides, sure, but it also comes in handy when you need some quick answers. Recently, Google revealed its most commonly searched sex-related question: “Where is the G-spot?” You want to make sure you’re doing things right without actually letting on...

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This Monday October 9, 2017 the United Nations has withdrawn its personnel from two districts in southern Malawi. The reason for this decision is due to the "hunting of vampires" that have been undertaken by various settlers in the areas of Phalombe and Mulanje , and that at the moment...

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You think that your family are the people you can trust the most ... and how not? If in the end it is your family ... people who have the potential to be the closest and most sincere of your environment. However, there are cases in which he applies the saying: "Your best friend is your worst...

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If you’re finding it tough to get back into your gym routine – don’t! Our easy-to-follow walking programme will get you slim outside. Top tips Exercise physiologist, Michael Brazeal, gives us some tips on how to get the most out of your walk: Look straight ahead; your...

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There’s nothing like the perfect story. A story that includes compassion, hope, and of course, love. That’s why I immediately felt this story needed to be shared. Some time ago, Shelby Lynn Henry Alexander, a real estate broker from Jacksonville, North Carolina, encountered a...

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No one can dodge receiving and bad news from time to time. They are part of life. Something that many times we do not know how to face. For those moments, science has an answer: according to a study, the "ideal" way is to say it directly, but with warning. This is the famous "we...

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Can not you leave the sugar but you do not want to leave the healthy life aside? With this unsweetened apple pie you have the best of both worlds. The recipe is suitable for diabetics and only has 280 calories per serving. What ingredients do we need for eight servings? First, we have to...

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