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Your microwave oven may be contaminating more or equal to your car

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Can coconut oil really help you lose weight?

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These health habits are so crazy but so certain

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7 terrifying diseases you could have without knowing it

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How do you actually use apple cider vinegar to use weight?

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¿Pirámides y bases nazis para ovnis? Científicos 'torpedean' los misterios ocultos de la Antártida: Frente a quienes publican fotos de presuntas anomalías en la Antártida presentándolas como supuestas bases ocultas de ovnis, salen al...

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The question: Miranda Kerr reportedly uses apple cider vinegar on her salads to stay slim, while Megan Fox mixes it with water to “clean out her system”, according to The Daily Mail. So can apple cider vinegar actually help you drop kilos? And if so, how do you actually use apple...

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"El fenómeno ovni es real": Los astronautas de la NASA que creían que los alienígenas nos visitan: No solo los ufólogos y aficionados a las teorías conspiratorias creen que los extraterrestres nos rondan. Los mismos astronautas sostienen que seres...

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When you were a child, your mother probably warned you never to swallow chewing gum as it would get stuck in your gut. Another example is that if your got a seed or pip got in your ear, a tree would start growing inside your head. We all know that these are just scary tales, but there are in...

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The use of microwave ovens only in the European Union (EU) emits as much carbon dioxide as almost seven million cars, according to a study published in the journal Science of the Total Environment. Scientists at the University of Manchester found that microwaves emit 7.7 million tons of carbon...

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A new study reveals evidence that fibromyalgia patients have hypersensitive brain networks that multiply pain. Researchers at the University of Michigan and South Korea's Pohang University of Science and Technology reported evidence of a phenomenon called explosive synchronization in...

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Conditions such as fever or pain are clear signs that there is something wrong with your body. Whether serious or not, physical symptoms tell us when we're sick, prompting us to seek rapid diagnosis and treatment. But what if you're harbouring a disease without realising it? It is...

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Coconut oil is seeing a serious surge in popularity, and not just because it makes everything taste uber-tropical. The oil, extracted from the flesh of a coconut, is rumored to boost dieters’ weight-loss efforts. Because it’s derived from a plant and not animal products, many...

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With so many on-demand options available to film lovers (Netflix and Amazon Prime, to name a few), why do so many people still go to movie theaters? Alexander Sorondo might have part of the answer. A few days before Hurricane Irma was due to hit Florida, 26-year-old Sorondo hosted a...

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Ex-Empleado de la NASA Rompió el Silencio Sobre la Luna y Reveló esto :

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The South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) revealed that 1 in 4 South Africans in the workplace have been diagnosed with depression. This is not surprising since dealing with stress and criticism forms part of any job. But, faced with the wrong combination of stress and office...

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Women who are unhappy with the size of their breasts -- whether too big or too small -- may be less likely to perform self-exams to check for signs of breast cancer, new research suggests. These women are also more likely to put off seeing a doctor if they do find a suspicious lump in their...

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