Pub Crawls: meet the extreme wild parties


The most ridiculously comfortable crawl is comming to Vancouver!

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For those with a sense of adventure, loose moral scruples and an uncanny ability to hold their alcohol, we're taking you to the world's most extreme wild parties.

Pub Crawls: meet the extreme wild parties

Extreme Spring Break
Club La Vela
Club La Vela in Panama City, FL, treats overworked college kids to the raunchiest and largest Spring Break party on the planet. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, this massive party palace sits on 8 acres, covers 100,000 square feet, and has 11 themed rooms and 48 bars. Club La Vela can accommodate 6,000 drunken coeds in a single night and many of them volunteer for the bikini and hot body contests that take place on a tricked-out catwalk. It's also welcomed A-list music acts like Aerosmith, No Doubt and LL Cool J.

Extreme Wine Tasting
Batalla del Vino
In Haro, Spain, the Rioja winemaking region hosts a party where the wine isn't swirled, sniffed or sipped. Instead, it's hurled, whiffed and whipped. The Batalla del Vino is a wine battle; a 100-year-old tradition that hosts 50,000 people armed with 13,000 gallons of red wine. Revelers have been known to use buckets, pump action water guns and pesticide sprayers to douse others, saving just a bit to drink along the way.

Extreme Slumber Party
American Museum of Natural History
It's no surprise that the city that never sleeps hosts the world's most extreme slumber party; however, this one's strictly for the younger crowd. Twice a month New York's American Museum of Natural History extends its hours for 450 lucky 8- to 12-year-olds. With the supervision of their parents and $129, they have the run of one of New York's most beloved landmarks. The excitement culminates with a mind-blowing flashlight tour of the famed dinosaur hall.

Extreme Carnival
Bonhomme Carnaval de Quebec
Pull on your parkas, mittens and snow boots because this extreme winter carnival is held outdoors in frigid Quebec City, Canada. The massive festival began in 1894 and now hosts over 800,000 hot-blooded partygoers for an annual 17-day celebration. The carnival includes a 600-square-foot ice palace, ice and snow sculptures, music and over 300 outdoor activities designed to get your blood pumping, like zip-lining and sledding. True thrill seekers take it all off for snow-bathing; rolling around in fresh powdery snow before thawing out in one of the carnival's many hot tubs.

Extreme Canine Party
The W Hotel, Seattle
No one can resist puppy love, and that's why the folks at The W Hotel in Seattle host the world's most extreme canine party. The Puppy Love Mutt Mixer, produced by CityDog Magazine, is the country's largest singles party for dogs. These fixed furry friends are ready to mingle; groomed and dressed to impress, they'll sip water from bowls shaped like martini glasses and feast on chocolate cupcakes baked especially for them. Talk about speed dating -- if any pups truly hit it off, they can walk down the aisle in holy muttrimony.

Extreme Pub Crawl
Rich and Bennett's St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl
No list of extreme parties would be complete without a St. Patrick's Day mention. This Charlotte, NC, pub crawl brings out the good, the bad and the Irish in everyone -- and we mean everyone. This record-breaking pub crawl consists of thousands of pint-slingers stopping at over 20 different bars, starting at 1 in the afternoon and ending just before midnight.

Extreme 50+
The Red Hat Society
Everything's bigger in Texas, and that includes parties for the over-50 female set. Dallas has been hosting The Red Hat Society party since 1997, after founder Sue Ellen gave a close friend a red hat and an inspiring poem about wearing red and purple -- and doing whatever your heart desires. This friend took her advice literally, and now the society is over 1.5 million strong, with 30,000 chapters in 29 different countries. Every member is invited to the annual Red Hat Society Bash, where dancing is encouraged till the sun comes up.

Extreme Holiday Party
Who throws the biggest, most extreme Christmas party in world? That's right, the Jews! With locations across the country, young Jewish people are seriously partying down on Christmas Eve. Heeb Magazine started Heebonism in 2004 and included party activities like photo ops with a gagged Santa, Old and New Testament naughty-photo fashion shoots and strip dreidel.

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