How to say "no" to the guilty cravings


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Cravings do not only give in pregnancy. It has all occurred to us that suddenly they give us attacks of hunger or a great craving for eating foods that can make us feel guilty. Usually big craving is a type of unhealthy food: Chocolates, pizza, cakes, sweets, fries, cupcakes, or any other so-called addictive food.

How to say "no" to the guilty cravings

With these cravings it happens that we devour them with a bite and then we feel guilty. Today I will share with you a secret that will help you to control those voracious attacks of anxiety, without leaving your food healthy nor limiting you to eat what you like.

The secret is that we must have controlled doses, not eliminate any food from our diet, but not abuse excess either.

How to control cravings while eating what I like?

1. Check at what time you get those cravings

It's important to know what time you get cravings because you can never mess up your meal times. That is, if you have lunch at 2:00 p.m. and at 1:30 p.m. you are given an imperative desire to eat a chocolate, you must first have lunch as you always do and without skipping any saucers. A plate of salads, the main course and a healthy dessert, should go in that order, without forgetting any. If at the end of the lunch, you still want to eat chocolate, eat a piece. The secret of this trick is that by eating neatly and healthily, you will have more satiety and you will not be in danger of eating a complete chocolate bar.

2. Before eating what you want, drink two glasses of water and prepare a healthy snack

If instead, you have cravings in an hour when you do not have a meal planned, what you can do is drink two glasses of water or a cup of tea and prepare a healthy snack that can be a bowl with chopped fruit and yogurt or a sandwich with turkey ham or a hard-boiled egg or any type of protein. If after this, you continue craving you can eat a piece of what you like, but only after eating this snack healthy and drunk water.

3. Drink two liters of water daily and practice sports in your daily life

It is proven that maintaining good hydration and playing sports helps us to accelerate metabolism and control anxiety. If you make this part of your daily life, it will surely help you better control what you eat and lead a healthy life.

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