George RR Martin Confirmed Book Launch In January 2017?

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Countless fans are now excited for the upcoming launching of "The Winds of Winter" book. Now, new reports are claiming that George RR Martin will finally release the much-awaited book in January 2017.

George RR Martin Confirmed Book Launch In January 2017?

'The Winds of Winter' set to be released in January 2017

GameNGuide previously reported that George RR Martin will be launching "The Winds of Winter" book in January 2017. Recent reports have it that George RR Martin is currently working on the last chapters of "The Winds of Winter."

After finishing the book, George RR Martin will then submit "The Winds of Winter" draft to his editors for revisions if need be. Then, the proofreading phase will follow after the New Mexican author submits the final edited copy. Publishing follows afterwards.

Other news have even claimed that "The Winds of Winter" will also be published in several different languages to cater other non-English readers. Another veteran author Neil Gaiman is also said to be helping George RR Martin in finishing the book.

Jon Snow to fall for Arya Stark in 'The Winds of Winter'

Meanwhile, "The Winds of Winter" spoilers have suggested that Jon Snow will be developing some romantic feelings for Arya Stark, which could later lead to a relationship between them. The Independent has previously claimed that Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) and Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) will fall head over heels for each other, which could end up into marriage.

With this, fans cannot help but speculate that it might be Jon Snow who can help Arya Stark after she escaped the evil hands of The Waif. Other sources have even claimed that Kit Harrington and Arya Stark were seen exchanging awkward glimpses during a shoot on the set of the " Game of Thrones" TV series. However, up until now, no one can confirm as to what is the real score between the two stars.

Do you think George RR Martin will be able to publish "The Winds of Winter" in January 2017? What are the things you expect to happen in "The Winds of Winter"? Share to us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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