Twelve of today's most impressive young entrepreneurs

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Are you ready to grab a handful of inspiration?! All successful entrepreneurs appear to have similar strengths when market needs arise. Young successful entrepreneurs never assume they should wait a few years to get started. This list of creative entrepreneurs includes some of the best and brightest who decided to get started early on the quest to make a fortune or be successful and address a unique need in the marketplace. Often time we come up with great ideas while falling asleep or driving or waiting at the train station, but most of the time we will think “nah! that’s just me day dreaming” or “what ma I thinking? someone’s probably already doing that” Well the truth is, sometimes it might be like that, but it’s people like the ones on this list who took their chances who prove us wrong if we go out thinking this way. I know i decided to become an entrepreneur on my latest days of High School.

Twelve of today's most impressive young entrepreneurs

Take a look at what these 25 young successful entrepreneurs have been able to achieve being under 25 years of age.

Entrepreneur: Mark Zuckerberg (25 years old)


Net Worth: $13.5 billion

Story: Social networking was shaky notion that might revolutionize the Internet. FaceBook catapulted a simple idea into a community of millions of people who can find each other and stay in touch. As the world’s youngest billionaire, Zuckerberg continues to amaze his peers with innovative ideas and an indomitable spirit to take others with him. So, have you heard of that website? mmm, sounds familiar…

“Facebook is really about communicating and telling stories… We think that people can really help spread awareness of organ donation and that they want to participate in this to their friends. And that can be a big part of helping solve the crisis that’s out there.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Entrepreneur: Matt Mullenweg (25 years old)


Net Worth: $40 million

Story: The most popular blog software available was created when Matt Mullenweg recognized the frustrating limitations that bloggers faced each day. Millions of blogs are created with WordPress. Recently, an offer was made to purchase WordPress for $250 million. Mullenweg rejected the offer. He clearly knows something about creating remarkable software features that retain his users. As you are reading this article you are looking at WordPress, the very same software i use on MoneyDiver.

“Do what you love and don’t focus on money – life’s too short.” – Matt Mullenweg

Entrepreneur: Pete Cashmore (24 years old)


Net Worth: $3.8 million

Story: Yeah, his last name kind of goes with his income. Few people could write an interesting blog about everything that is new on the web. Pete Cashmore has more than 1.6 million Twitter followers and 300,000 RSS readers. The buzz he creates each day will make many companies grow and thrive. Interest continues to grow because the Internet evolves in leaps and bounds.

“Execution really shapes whether your company takes off or not.” – Pete Cashmore

Entrepreneur: Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith (23 and 22 years old)


Net Worth: Tightly held secret. In 2011, this dynamic duo rejected a $550+ million acquisition bid.

Story: As a college project, was intended to offer users a place to store, and share, data files of any type and size. Accessibility was essential for those who would need to use the information from any Internet connection around the globe. More than 2 million users have discovered the convenience of this remarkable service.

Entrepreneur: David Karp (22 years old)

Website: (recetly Purchased by Yahoo)

Net Worth: $26 million

Story: While working as a software consultant, David Karp decided to create a blogging platform that was open to anyone. emphasizes ease of use and customization to its users. Initially, Karp invested his own money and then sought $5.25 million from investors. Two of the investors were instrumental in the launch of Twitter.

“For every new feature we add, we take an old one out. A lot of big sites don’t do that, and it’s a problem. Twitter started as a beautifully simple product, but it’s now going the same route as Facebook. The drive to innovate can overencumber and destroy a product.” – David Karp

Entrepreneur: Catherine and David Cook (19 and 21 years old)


Net Worth: $10 million

Story: Successful entrepreneurs come from the same family at times. In 2005, this brother and sister duo raised $17.1 million from investors to launch the third largest social networking site in the United States. A mayor achievement for such a young couple who found a great advantage at being a family team.

“This situation is difficult as many children will be attending alternative schools and schools at which the student-teacher ratio limits may be lifted to allow for the influx of the displaced students, … That will be confusing, even for the children who normally attend such schools.” – Catherine Cook

Entrepreneur: Sean Belnick (23 years old)


Net Worth: $42 million

Story: At 14 years of age, Sean had a great idea to sell business chairs over the Internet. Today, he is earning more than $50 million each year. Young people everywhere are inspired by his personal success story. He is a perfect example of the power of youth.

“I was inspired to create through my fascination with selling things on the internet.” – Sean Belnick

Entrepreneur: Matt Mickiewicz (25 years old)


Net Worth: $100 million

Story: Anyone who has attempted to create a great website has sought the expertise posted on Initially, the information was limited to web design strategies that drew visitors. Now, helps people sell a website for millions of dollars, sells books about creating a contact page or hiring a Twitter background expert.

“We’ve sold $70 million worth of websites to date.” – Matt Mickiewicz About Flippa

Entrepreneur: Noah Everett (24 years old)


Net Worth: $10+ million

Story: With an Alexa ranking in the top 200 websites, allows users to upload images to be viewed on Twitter. From his home office, Noah Everett manages his servers, which must handle millions of webpages each day.

“A poorly implemented feature hurts more than not having it at all.”– Noah Evertt

Entrepreneur: Ryan Allis (25 years old)


Net Worth: $40 million

Story: Effective email marketing can create sustainable growth for businesses in every sector. Ryan Allis developed for business leaders to reach out to customers on a consistent basis. This innovative company has grown to $25 million in annual income. The possibilities are endless for creative marketing campaigns through email.

Entrepreneur: Jon Wheatley (22 years old)


Net Worth: $1 million

Story: Successful entrepreneurs, like John Wheatley, take unique ideas to the next level through creative approaches to simple challenges. allows the users to snap a photo each day and then create a video from the series of images. With one million dollars in funding, the growth of has been healthy since its founding.

Entrepreneur: Neil Patel (24 years old)


Net Worth: $1.8 million

Story: Large corporations have faced substantial challenges in the effort to embrace online marketing techniques. Few successful entrepreneurs have the insight to reach out to AOL, Hewlett-Packard, General Motors and Viacom with a great idea. At the age of 21, Technorati named Neil Patel a top 100 blogger. Permanent links to his site from some of the top blogs in the world has made Neil Patel one of the top influencers on the web according to Wall Street Journal.

“By far the biggest time sink people experience (including huge corps — they might be the worst at this) is coming up with new and good blog topics.” – Neil Patel

Entrepreneur: Kieran O’Neill (22 years old)


Net Worth: $1 million

Story: Innovation includes new uses for market favorites, such as PlayStation. Kiran O’Neill has developed multiple online successes in the gaming social network arena. He sold his first website for $1.25 million when he was 19 years old. His latest venture in social gaming enables him to reach out to PlayStation fans around the globe.

Entrepreneur: Blake Ross (24 years old)


Net Worth: $120 million

Story: Millions of users are glad that successful entrepreneurs, like Blake Ross, refuse to be shut out of the marketplace by the giants. His web browser, called Mozilla Firefox, is a favorite of millions of Internet users around the world. In the first year, more than 100 million downloads of this browser made this a formidable competitor in the marketplace.

Entrepreneur: Eric and Susan Gregg-Koger (24 and 25 years old)


Net Worth: $15 million

Story: Successful entrepreneurs realize that many different customers are seeking new ways to make purchases on the Internet. ModCloth was started when Eric and Susan left high school. As college students, they shipped clothing items from their dorm room in response to online orders. Since 2006, this duo has built this clothing company into a remarkable success

Entrepreneur: Shama Kabani (24 years old)

iWebsite: www.

Net Worth: $1 million

Story: Web marketing is essential for the company that wishes to compete in CyberSpace. Shama Kabani is a master marketer. Her vision for Click to Client includes being every clients full-service web marketing firm. Shama spends much of her time traveling the world to speak at internet marketing conferences.

Entrepreneur: Ashley Qualls (20 years old)


Net Worth: $4 million

Story: Successful entrepreneurs tend to ignore the fact that youth is perceived as a limitation. Ashley Qualls was 14 years old when she created, which is a MySpace layout site directed to females. At its peak, the site drew 250,000 visitors every day. Nearly 60 percent of the income from the site is created from Google Adsense ads strategically placed on the site.

Entrepreneur: Juliette Brindak (20 years old)


Net Worth: $42 million

Story: At the age of 10, Juliette Brindak had a great idea to reach out to millions of girls around the world. Her website has become remarkably popular in the realm of successful entrepreneurs. In 2006, Juliette wrote a book, which has sold 120,000 copies.

“Take successes and failures as they come, since things often changes at a moment’s notice” – Juliette Brindak

Entrepreneur: Sam Tarantino and Josh Greenberg (both 23 years old)


Net Worth: $2.1 million

Story: GrooveShark is a powerful online music search engine and streaming service. With 40 employees, GrooveShark is a member of the Escape Media Group.

Update: GrooveShark recently closed their “doors” due to a law sue from the music industry. Also Josh Greenberg was found dead in his house June 18th 2015. Rest in peace Josh.

Entrepreneur: Richard Ludlow (22 years old)


Net Worth: Non-profit organization

Story: Successful entrepreneurs sometimes have a vision of changing the face of a tradition without seeking profit. Academic earth was founded with the goal of providing every person on earth with access to a world-class education. Richard Ludlow wanted to use technology to provide full video courses from leading universities. In January 2012, Ampush Media acquired Academic Earth. Of course I had to include a non-profit in this list. Not all successful entrepreneurs are after the “green paper” (and i’m sure a lot of those who do make lot’s of money didn’t really meant to, like wordpress’s Matt)

Entrepreneur: Kristopher Tate (21 years old)


Net Worth: $3 million

Story: As a photo-sharing site, offers many features that allow users to tag the people in each photo. Privacy can be set to allow visitors to see certain photos or the whole album. Since 2005, Zooomr has grown as a photo service that supports the user community through constant innovation.

So What do we Learn From These Young Successful Online Entrepreneurs

Each year, companies are created when market needs become obvious to someone with a great idea. Addressing the needs will continue to allow opportunities for anyone with the drive to create a new solution and take as many people as possible along for the journey. Taking chances and dreaming big are 2 statements that these young guns prove to be part of a recipe for success. If you a have a business idea, go out and take your chances, start small and scale it, learn from the lean start up methodology; Which teaches all kind of entrepreneurs how to grow a business with validated learning and continuous innovation, which is the philosophy a take for my personal businesses.

Let me know what other young successful entrepreneur you think should be included on this list!

Don’t be shy and share below!


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