Street artists paint 209 houses to transform hillside into beautiful mural


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A youth organization in Mexico transformed a boring hillside into an eye-catching piece of art with the help of the local community.

Street artists paint 209 houses to transform hillside into beautiful mural

The group, called German Crew, worked with local government officials in order to change the hillside in the Palmitas district in Pachuca, Mexico according to My Modern Met. In total, the project involved 20,000 square meters of painted space over 209 houses on the hill.

In addition to changing a dull group of homes into a vibrant mural that's impossible to miss, the group worked with 452 families in order to complete the project, allowing residents to help with the color selection and benefit from a fresh coat of paint on their home.

German Crew has been around for more than 13 years and uses alternative forms of communication like murals and artwork in order to improve public spaces and work with the community.

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