You Could Soon Be Driving With Morgan Freeman


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Morgan Freeman – aka. the Vice President of the U.S, the voice of God, the narrator of penguin’s lives, etc – will be guiding you safely to your destination as a new celebrity voice on Google’s navigation app, Waze.

You Could Soon Be Driving With Morgan Freeman

He’s just one of the latest celebrities to be signed to the app, but he may well make your commute the most relaxing ever.

Something about being guided by that smooth voice gives your drive added authority, because who wouldn’t trust Morgan Freeman’s directions? He just makes things sound right.

To have him give you your driving directions, all you just have is open up Waze and click Settings>Sound>Voice Language>Morgan Freeman. And you’re sorted.

Sadly, Google aren’t just paying for Freeman to become a part of our drive-time lives. The voice feature is a part of a marketing ploy for his upcoming film, London Has Fallen.

Freeman addresses you, the driver, as if you’re U.S. President, which is a bit bizarre but you slowly get used to it.

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