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'Devastating' earthquakes could increase in 2018, scientists warn

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Experts discover a planet similar to Earth that could be habitable

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Spit Test May Help Reveal Concussion Severity

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The youngest psychologist in the world, wants to dedicate her life to empower gifted girls

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Find out why this man has been injecting snake venom for 30 years

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Distraction, an underestimated murderer

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Letter from a mother to her son about the marks of her pregnancy

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Top 40 Samsung Android Mobile Phone Codes 2017 || android codes

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For nearly 30 years, London-based reptile enthusiast and musician Steve Ludwin has been injecting snake venom – a practice that has almost killed him. It may now help save thousands of lives, as researchers search for a new antidote based on his body's response to the toxic...

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Dafne Almazán is the youngest psychologist to graduate with thirteen years. Now, with just 16, she has decided to dedicate her life to education, in particular to the diagnosis of gifted girls and young women in order to educate them and encourage them to achieve their goals. In an...

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The slowdown in Earth's rotation could trigger a "swarm of devastating earthquakes" next year, scientists warned. Although, they argued, such variations in rotation are minimal, they could involve the release of large amounts of underground energy. Experts from the...

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El ex secretario de Comercio kirchnerista Guillermo Moreno asegura que la ex presidenta Cristina Kirchner es de clase media a pesar de que en 2012 confesara que había pesificado un deposito en dólares de varios millones de dólares porque quería impulsar que los...

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With the help of the FBI, Ramón Sosa, a boxing trainer who lives in Texas, United States faked his death to catch his murderer, who was willing to pay $ 2,000 to be killed. The surprising thing is that it was his own wife, María Lulú Sosa. In 2015, she sought the help of a...

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A little spit may help predict whether a child's concussion symptoms will subside in days or persist for weeks. A test that measures fragments of genetic material in saliva was nearly 90 percent accurate in identifying children and adolescents whose symptoms persisted for at least a month,...

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On Monday, November 13, more than 15,000 scientists, members of the international scientific community, signed an article (probably the largest number of signatures in a scientific article), sending a clear and forceful message: if humans do not take drastic measures, inevitably we will provoke an...

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El polémico ex secretario de Comercio kirchnerista Guillermo Moreno admitió que el Indec medía mal la inflación durante el kirchnerismo, asegurando que así se mide en el mundo a pesar del número de inflación que daba El Instituto Nacional de...

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El oportunista kirchnerista Facundo Moyano que desertó del kirchnerismo en 2013 y se alió al massimo confiesa que quiere ser presidente de todos los argentinos porque inevitablemente tiene esa aspiración desde hace tiempo en ocupar ese lugar tan importante , por esa...

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We see the models smile in the photos, they are skinny and slender. If we followed the guidelines of marketing, it would not be strange to associate a sculptural physicist with happiness. We could think that losing the extra kilos increases our level of satisfaction. In fact, when we start a...

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If you're reading this on your phone while driving, stop it. Especially if you're a young neurotic extroverted guy who drives a lot. Two seconds of attention to the insistent beeping and blinking of our mobile phones or simply changing the radio station accounts for at least 12...

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A group of researchers from the University of Southern California has managed to create a brain implant that promises to increase the memory performance capabilities of those who use it. "Memory prosthesis" is the name of this invention that is intended to imitate the way in which...

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An international team of scientists from the European Southern Observatory, together with NASA astronomers, have discovered a temperate planet the size of Earth, located 11 light years from the Solar System. This planet has been named Ross 128 b, and was discovered in an orbit that revolves...

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