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Autistic boy fails his school exams, teacher sends him home with powerful letter that goes viral

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Breakfast VS dinner: which meal is mightier?

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Made 1,000 meals for hurricane victims, gets no attention in the media

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I m four years old and I have cancer

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Exercise slashes your risk of dying by 50% - Discovery

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Is your dog fat? Fitness trackers help put fat pets on a diet

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Here s why you should eat the kiwi skin (yes, really)

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5 Heart attack symptoms in women that are super common (and scary)

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Tiny, 8-week-old border terrier cross found dumped in handbag, with its legs tied together

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3 Flour substitutes that taste just as good as the regular stuff

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Vile, unthinkable incidents occur to animals daily. They make me wonder what is wrong with this world. Unfortunately, one such incident is being reported out of the United Kingdom. And to make matters worse, it includes a barely 8-week-old puppy. A sweet, tiny eight-week-old puppy was...

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In August 2018, we witnessed the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey across Southern Texas — a force of nature that swept away everything in its path. The hurricane took over 50 lives. It forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes and demolished communities. And many...

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If you’ve ever done yoga, you’ve definitely heard the instructor describing your body as a sacred temple. Perhaps there’s something to that idea. After all, this “temple” holds the emotions and energies that drive us towards doing the things we want in...

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Weddings are pure love and joy. Two people become one in good times and bad until death parts them. And until then, the couple promises each other eternal love. It doesn’t get more beautiful than that, does it? When Mark popped the question to his girlfriend, Jackie and she said...

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Hollywood may have conditioned us to believe that a heart attack involves clutching your chest and collapsing dramatically, but symptoms in women can be much subtler. Seriously, some of these seem so random they could be mistaken for common old heartburn. Heartburn Or Heart Attack? If you...

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Out with plain ol’ all-purpose flour, in with happenin’ flour substitutes. It seems like everyone is baking with ancient grains and other fake flours—but are they really worth it? “Alternative flours can be used as substitutes for regular wheat flour if you have an...

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Nothing can compare to the sacrifices that parents will make for their children. For Donald and Sarah Curtis that includes regularly travelling nearly 500km from Knysna to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town so that their four-year-old son, Robbie, can receive lifesaving...

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The Coca-Cola Company said on Monday 17 September 2018 it is "closely watching" the expanding use of a cannabis element in drinks, another sign cannabis and cannabis-infused products are getting more acceptance in mainstream culture and a harder look from long-established pillars of...

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Some crimes are so despicably atrocious that they stay with us forever. It’s hard to forget certain cases in history – cases where children have been abducted, tortured and murdered, for example. One consolation with most, however – albeit a small one – is that their...

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A fearless dog was filmed driving away a cowardly lion that wandered onto a farmer's property at the edge of an Indian village. The video, filmed Tuesday by the property owner in Jungagadh, Gujarat, shows the lion wandering through the farm. The big cat comes face to face with a barking...

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“Satiety depends on numerous factors, including how filling you expect a food to be, portion size, how long it takes to eat and its texture,” says nutritional science professor Dr Barbara Rolls. The message? You don’t need to binge-eat to feel satisfied. So, with that in mind,...

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Whether to front-load or back-load your daily bread is an argument as old as time. We serve up the nutritional stats on which plate to make your focus meal of the day. Breakfast Early Bird Benefits: You can trick yourself into cutting 3766 kilojoules throughout the day by timing your...

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Having an orgasm is a powerful, full-body experience. Your muscles contract, your breath quickens, and you might even break a sweat. Which is why you may have wondered at one point or another: Do orgasms actually burn kilojoules? Your heart’s pumping like you’re running a marathon...

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Raising a child with learning difficulties isn’t any less rewarding than raising one without them, but it can be said that it’s a great deal tougher. Whilst parents of children without learning difficulties undoubtedly fret over all the usual things a mother or father does, those...

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Like literally everyone else, I dealt with acne as a teenager. And 13-year-old me assumed the red pimples and whiteheads on my face were just a part of growing up—and that they’d go away when I got older. Fast forward to age 25, and my acne was worse than ever. I had painful pustules...

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