Huge Dog Excitedly Welcomes Home His Soldier Dad


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From time to time, we’ll come across a video so beautiful and so touching that we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you and as many of your friends as possible get the chance to see it.

Huge Dog Excitedly Welcomes Home His Soldier Dad

The video is simple enough, but has something that we love seeing more than anything; a soldier, after months and months of being thousands of miles away from his home, gets to hear the amazing words “Welcome home,” from his loved ones.

Suddenly, two dogs burst out of the door to welcome their amazing dad home after so many months! While we love the small brown dog, we couldn’t stop smiling when we saw the small horse jumping up and down trying to kiss his best friend in the whole world!

This huge mastiff wanted to embrace him in the cutest way possible. Flopping his face around, and kissing, hugging, and licking his soldier dad is honestly one of the most heartwarming moments we’ve ever seen.

It’s videos like these that really prove how wonderful dogs are.

The amount of pure love they have to give to their favorite humans has no limit; the amount of kisses they have to give, and the excitement they have just from seeing their favorite person’s face is the reason why dogs really are our best friends in the whole world!

Please SHARE this adorable video if you think all soldiers deserve a welcoming like this!

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