110-year-old woman's secret to a long life: 3 Miller High Lifes per day

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Agnes Fenton, who turned 110-years-old on August 1, has a secret to living a long life: the cool, refreshing taste of Miller High Life.

110-year-old woman's secret to a long life: 3 Miller High Lifes per day

The New Jersey resident, born in 1905, gained national attention before her 105th birthday when she claimed to have consumed three beers and a shot of Johnnie Walker almost every day for 70 years.

Now, however, Fenton's alcohol-based diet is no more. Her caregivers have cut alcohol out of her diet as she isn't eating as much as she used to.

Fenton's town of Englewood, New Jersey has proclaimed her birthday "Agnes Fenton Day" — 2015 marked the day's 10th celebration.

Fenton's doctor told NorthJersey.com that her health was phenomenal, adding: "The few things she’s had wrong with her have disappeared in ways they should not have. … She’s completely, thoroughly amazing.”

When asked if her caregivers would allow her a shot to ring in her 11th decade, Fenton simply said, "They better."

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