Every Episode Of Animaniacs Is Now On Streaming On Netflix


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Animaniacs kept ’90s kids learning and laughing after school and taught us so much about the countries of the world, although it seemed as though about 80% of the jokes were very adult, inside references for the writers to keep themselves entertained during a long, hectic work week. And perhaps that somewhat subversive, pop-culture heavy zaniness was part of the reason it’s still looked back upon fondly by people who were kids when the show started airing on Fox Kids and WB back in 1993.

Every Episode Of    Animaniacs    Is Now On Streaming On Netflix

And now everyone who still has nostalgia for the adventures of “Warner siblings” Wakko, Yakko, and Dot can find out if the show still holds up, because all 99 episodes of Animaniacs are now streaming on Netflix. Sure enough, plenty of us will soon be seeing some of those “writers room jokes” that made it into the final product and wonder how a kids’ show produced by Steven Spielberg went to some of the places it went, like the, um, “fingerprints” joke.

Our childhoods were weird, you guys.
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