Science explains how much sex you need to increase your intelligence

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Sex is a great way to be intimate with your significant other both physically and emotionally. It’s a stress reliever and can boost your endorphin levels. The physical and mental benefits of a healthy sex life are well-documented. However, there’s been a new study that shows there’s even more benefits to sex than just feeling good. It’s been found that sex can also make you smarter. That’s right

Science explains how much sex you need to increase your intelligence


Settling down with your significant other for some good, old fashion love-making can help make your smarter. Research has found that regular sex, at least once a week, can improve your brain function. Neuroscientist Professor Barry Komisaruk states that, “At orgasm we see a tremendous increase in the blood flow [to the brain]. So my belief is it can’t be bad. It brings all the nutrients and oxygenation to the brain.”

Universities of Coventry and Oxford have found that adults who are having sex at least once every week are improving on test scores, as well as challenges of memory and verbal fluency.

Published in The Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological and Social Sciences, the study includes 28 men and 45 women (73 people total) with an age range spanning 50 and 83. The participants were asked to answer how often they participated in any kind of sexual activity over the last 12 months, as well as questions on their general health and lifestyle. Then, the participants took a standardized test that measures the patterns of brain function in adults their age range. The test itself had a focus on memory, fluency, attention, language and visuospatial abilities.


The study found that those adults who answered that they engaged in sexual activity on a weekly basis scored higher on both verbal fluency and visuospatial ability. The test for verbal fluency involved naming as many animals as possible in 60 seconds, while the visuospatial ability test involved drawing a clock face from memory. The results suggest that frequency of sex doesn’t really do much for one’s attention, language or memory recall, as there was no link between the test scores and the frequency of sex in any patient.

While the sample size may seem small to those of you with science minds, this study was building on previous research from 2016, the results of which found that older adults scored higher on different cognitive tests when they were sexually active, versus those who weren’t sexually active at all. This new study adds another dimension, in that it addresses how often the group engaged in sexual activity, on average (weekly, monthly, not at all). This new study is building on what studies have already shown: sex improves brain function and makes people smarter.

The important thing is to keep studying this correlation. The underlying reason as to why this correlation exists at all is still unknown. There are speculations that it’s a biological element, though there’s no real answer yet to whether it’s a social or physical cause that makes those who have sex more frequently perform better on cognitive tests.

There’s still debate on if there is, indeed, a ‘cause and effect’ at play here when it comes to older people’s sexual activities and their cognitive functioning. But the two studies have made it clear: older people who have sex more frequently perform better on cognitive tests. At the very least, it’s shown that the more frequent the sex, the better verbal fluency and visuospatial ability they have!

There’s a lot of stigma when it comes to older people and sex. Many people don’t want to think about people above a certain age still having healthy and regular sex lives. This study not only proves that it’s possible; it also proves that it’s preferable!


If the question on your mind is how much sex should you be having to stay smart, the answer is: about once a week! So, if you want to make sure that your brain is staying at peak performance, why not slip into the sheets with your significant other? While this study was done on a very specific age range of older people, there’s no reason not to start your brain training now.

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