A "Homeless Man" Hands People Money On The Streets Of LA. Their reactions are impressive!


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FouseyTUBE is well-known on YouTubelandia for his controversial social experiments, but it’s his most recent social experiment that’s the latest buzz.

A "Homeless Man" Hands People Money On The Streets Of LA. Their reactions are impressive!

In an effort to spread awareness of the importance of equality, he disguises himself as a homeless man and hands strangers money on the streets of Los Angeles, California. Though it’s socially acceptable for people to hand homeless people money and not the other way around, he never expected these subjects to react anything like this!

The first man he hands money to looks like he’s in a rush, walking fast and on his cell phone. He stops him mid step and says, “I just want to be a helping hand today. God Bless,” handing him a ten dollar bill. The man looks extremely puzzled, but then responds with some of the most hateful words anyone can utter. “I could f***ing buy you you,” he shouts at him then continues on about his day. And that’s only the beginning.

It’s clear that people, at least the people in L.A., are not warm to the idea of being handed money by a homeless man, but fousyTUBE reminds them all, “No one has ever gone poor by giving.”

It’s those words that make one man angry beyond measure and when you hear the words exchanged between the two, you’ll be appalled.

This social experiment is eye opening. Before you hand a homeless person money, remember why you’re doing it.

Fuente: www.jumblejoy.com
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