Nature tries to tell us something...we must listen to it


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Natural phenomena generate increasing uncertainty. The predictions or "scenarios" for the next few years are dramatic. The fears grow and the leadership of the most powerful countries of the globe do not give them answer.

Nature tries to tell us something...we must listen to it

From the experts' analysis, a direct relationship between the intensity of hurricanes and climate change results. The temperature of the planet rises due to global warming and that, logically, increases the sea that feeds storms and hurricanes. Nothing difficult to understand.

At the moment, however, there is no certainty about the relationship between climate change and earthquakes.

The Caribbean hurricane season, which runs from early June to late November, shows a special virulence. As it is known to these meteorological phenomena they are attributed a person's name in alphabetical order and the sensation is that the whole alphabet can be insufficient to provide those names.

Harvey left just a few days ago a tendal of victims and destroyed much of Texas. Irma is, until now, the most powerful hurricane ever known. With category 5 and winds of almost 300 km per hour it destroyed much of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean. Now, with a slight decrease - close to 250 km per hour and category 4 - seems aimed at crossing the center of the Florida peninsula, affecting the great city of Miami and its surroundings.

While the world is still on the alert for the Irma course and other hurricanes (Katia and José) that are already new threats in the region, a new tragedy occurred in Mexico. The biggest earthquake in the last 100 years, with an intensity of 8.2 on the Richter scale, shook Thursday night and has killed at least 30 people, according to official figures. The earthquake affected more than 50 million Mexicans and felt strongly in the capital, where they lived moments of panic.

The worst hit area, however, has been that of Chiapas and Oaxaca, two southern states of the country. In the first, three deaths have been confirmed, while in Oaxaca, the governor says that there are at least 23 fatalities, to which we must add two more in Tabasco.

Hurricane Katia, about 275 kilometers east of Tampico, is located on Mexico, according to the latest data from the National Hurricane Center (CNH) in the United States. It is entering the Gulf of Mexico, where it was in a steady state until midnight on Thursday and between Friday and Saturday is scheduled to land in Veracruz.

With maximum sustained winds of up to 150 kilometers per hour, Katia will affect both the east and the center of the country, already affected by the brutal earthquake.

Central America, the Caribbean and the United States are subject to the simultaneous effects of three hurricanes and one earthquake

Let us face these forces of nature with our best energy, with the aim of helping those who suffer them more directly and reducing their consequences as much as possible.

The next day we will have to assume the immense and indispensable task of confronting an overwhelming climatic change in the origin of which humanity has so much to see.

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