He conducts a social experiment to show how easy it is to drug a girl s drink


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It’s something we, as women, should never have to worry about but, unfortunately, have to. Whenever we go out to a bar or restaurant and grab a few drinks with friends, we know that we should be keeping a close eye on our drink. We’ve all heard horror stories in the news or from friends about women (and men too!) getting slipped drugs in their drinks. But if you’re anything like me, you think to yourself ‘that could never happen to me!’

He conducts a social experiment to show how easy it is to drug a girl   s drink

But ‘date rape’ is a real thing and sadly enough a big problem in our society today. A person will slip drugs into people’s drinks without them knowing for a variety of reasons, all of which aren’t good.

Most people are aware of this scary social issue and think they’re taking the necessary precautions to keep themselves safe. But YouTuber JoeySalads is here to show us that it’s easier than we think to drug someone’s drink … much easier.

So, he embarked on a social experiment and hit up a local bar to see how it easy it really is to drug a girl. With hidden cameras set up throughout the bar, he approached three separate groups of people.

In each scenario, he casually started talking to the people. Then, in the blink of an eye he slipped a drug into the girls’ drinks … and not one single person noticed! The girls he drugged were ready to take another sip when he told them what was going on.

The video really opened my eyes to the big problem of ‘date rape’. This social experiment goes to show how easy it is for a person to drug a drink and how cautious we all need to be while out!

Fuente: www.jumblejoy.com
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