Light sugar is linked to weight gain


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It is very common that diets avoid sugars because of their caloric content, many people resort to substitution of sugar by some sweetener; However, there are several studies that have shown that sugar substitutes can cause other side effects.

Light sugar is linked to weight gain

Throughout the world there are other studies that have demonstrated these negative effects; According to a study - applied to flies and mice - sweeteners like sucralose have a trigger of a higher food intake, which in the end could cause weight gain. The study was published in Cell Metabolism.

Recently, another study was published in the magazine Plos One and it is stated that the consumption of sweeteners tends to cause abdominal obesity.

The study was conducted with a follow-up of body measurements and sweetener consumption of 1,454 men and women in the United States for ten years. After analyzing the data, it was identified that people who consumed sugar substitutes had a higher percentage of body mass with 2.6 cm more abdominal circumference and 37% more abdominal obesity.

Studies have linked this tendency to the rewards system of the brain, which does not receive a signal of satiety: we tend to eat more.

Finally, further study at Imperial College London and the University of Sao Paulo has shown that foods also contribute to this effect for substitute sugar is an artificial sweetener like sucralose or aspartame.

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