Look the true about this model that has 50K Followers on Instagram


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Louise Delage’s Instagram account first appeared in August, after which the number of her followers quickly grew to more than 50,000. As expected from a 25-year-old Parisian model, her Instagram account featured photo after photo of a glamorous life. Good food, breathtaking sceneries, and parties appear in almost every other picture.

Look the true about this model that has 50K Followers on Instagram

However, the reality here is that Louise Delage does not actually exist. In truth, she was created for a particular purpose by a French advertising agency. This creation’s intent was to raise awareness by passing on a message. Louise Delage’s message for her 50,000+ followers is hinted at, albeit in a subtle manner, in every picture she uploaded. Almost every other photo includes a drink. Be it the picture of a snap-worthy meal, a quirky, photogenic location such as the beach, or a lively party. Sometimes, the alcohol subtly appears as a concealed bottle in a purse.

Francine Framboise, a production company, created this fake account for Addict Aide. The intention was to raise awareness of alcoholism in young people, a major issue today. Francine Framboise used the “language” of Instagram, which includes fashion, lifestyle content, and hashtags, to create a likable personality. This personality was intentionally one that many people would never associate with addiction.

According to the agency, it is disappointing that few people noticed the fact that Delage clearly had a drinking problem. Given the evidence, they had hoped that more of the followers would note her behavior. Although some deciphered the message, the majority merely saw a pretty young girl living it up and having the best of times. Only a few saw the lonely, unhappy girl, with a severe alcohol problem.

Fuente: positivemed.com
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