Harvard Study: 7 Ways To Prevent A Stroke Before You re 40


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"Nowadays, the risk of having a stroke under 40 is becoming more and more common. This condition is still less common than a heart attack, so many people don’t know what are the symptoms and signs for stroke. Here are some tips that will show you how to prevent it and preserve the health of your brain.

Harvard Study: 7 Ways To Prevent A Stroke Before You   re 40

1. Maintain a healthy weight:
As we all know, excess weight can cause many health problems, so stroke is not an exception. Your ideal weight depends on your bone structure, metabolism and activity. If you have excess weight, start with regular physical exercise in order to maintain healthy weight.

2. Avoid high blood sugar levels:
Not only high blood pressure can cause a stroke, but high blood sugar levels as well. If you are suffering from diabetes, you must monitor your blood sugar levels which will help you determine what lifestyle changes you must do to keep them low. The best ways to keep your blood sugar levels healthy is exercise and low sugar diet.

3. Baby aspirin:
If you are having problems with heart diseases and high cholesterol, baby aspirin can reduce the risk of stroke. However, consult your doctor before taking them since they cause side-effects.

4. Watch for signs of atrial fibrillation:
Irregular blood flow is caused by irregular heartbeat and this state can increase the risk of stroke. This causes symptoms such as shortness of breath and heart rate increase due to atrial fibrillation, a problem which must be addressed sooner rather than later.

5. Minimize alcohol intake:
Drinking alcohol in large amounts and on daily basis can be very harmful for your overall health. You cand drink a glass of red wine occasionally, but overdoing it will create problems and increase the risk of stroke.

6. Keep your blood pressure low:
It is crucial for prevention of stroke to keep your blood pressure levels low. You can achieve this by a few lifestyle changes like avoiding high cholesterol foods, regular exercise and quitting smoking.

7. Stop smoking:
Simillar to alcohol, this bad habit of smoking is also very harmful. Stop smoking as soon as possible and you will see big improvements in your health very soon".

Fuente: www.fhfn.org
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