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You might have seen the excitement of kids when they hear the sound of an ice cream truck.

But what you might not have seen is a dog getting excited by the sound of ice cream truck. Well, turns out there is a Pit Bull who not only gets excited when he hears the jingle of the ice cream truck but also rushes to get in the line so he can get his ice cream.

This hilarious video shows how the Big Pit Bull gets all excited upon hearing the ice cream truck and then hurries over to get some yummy ice cream.

But, this dog knows that patience is important if he wants to get good things in life. And despite being overly excited about ice cream he patiently sits down in the line and waits for his turn. This shows that the dog not only has manners but also has respect for other people in the line.

Once the other customers get their ice cream and its time for the dog to get his ice cream, the owner of the dog shows up and pays for his cone. Then the Pit Bull can be seen having the time of his life with his favorite vanilla flavored cone ice cream.
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