Sex facts that you will not believe are true until you try


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Generally, the myths have their followers and the counterpart who tries to deny them. The coolest thing of myths is that at the psychological level they awaken an interest in trying to know how true it is, however, in the subject of sex, these myths are mostly completely clear in practice and even scientifically proven

Sex facts that you will not believe are true until you try

1. If you don’t use it, you lose it

Complete sexual inactivity could actually cause a reduction in penis size.

2. Cornflakes are for good boys

The inventor of Kellogg’s cornflakes believed the cereal would help boys fight the urge to masturbate.

3. Sex is like winning the lotto

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, sex makes people as happy as earning $100 000.

4. Cash in on sex hormones

Strippers make more money while ovulating, due to the release of sexually stimulating pheremones.

5. The elusive double-O

42 percent of couples think they have a better chance of seeing Bigfoot than of climaxing at the same time.

6. Sit-ups are a pleasure for some

51 percent of women have had an orgasm while doing crunches.

7. Why so frigid?

Algamatofillia is the sexual attraction to mannequins and statues. The first documented case was in 1877.

8. Left-handers are right-hangers

A man’s dominant hand is on the side of his shortest-hanging testicle. If you’re left-handed, you’re a right-hanger. Testicles hang oddly so that they don’t hit each other when you move.

9. Don’t get cold feet

You’re more likely to orgasm with warm feet.

10. Your semen isn’t getting any speeding fines

Sperm travels at 45 kilometres per hour.

11. Good news for swallowers

Sperm contains anti-wrinkle properties, as well as zinc and calcium which fight tooth decay.

12. Sex is decent exercise

The average sweat session in the sack burns 144 calories – or more, if you really put your back into it.

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