How much will it cost the United States to fix the mess after Irma and Harvey?


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The passage of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey left unimaginable damage. Cars, houses, boats, businesses and beaches were devastated by cyclones. Fixing all that will cost $ 290 billion, or 1.5 percent of the United States' gross domestic product, the private meteorological service Accuweather said on Sunday.

How much will it cost the United States to fix the mess after Irma and Harvey?

"We believe the damages caused by Irma will be $ 100 billion, making it one of the most costly hurricanes of all time," said Accuweather founder and CEO Joel Myers.

According to him, that figure corresponds to half a percentage point of the US economy. Harvey, who wiped out Texas a few weeks ago, will be "the most expensive weather disaster in US history with $ 190 billion or one point of GDP," Myers said.

The damage from both storms will hurt the country's economic growth between mid-August and the end of the year. "Insurers will only take care of part of the damage," Myers said.

Accuweather carried out a thorough inventory of all the damages caused by these natural disasters: commercial disruption, increased unemployment for weeks or even months, destruction of infrastructure, loss of cotton and orange crops (up to 25%), fuel, damage to vehicles and houses.

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