10 fruits & vegetables that are toxic to dogs


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We love our dogs and treat them as members of our family. When we make changes to better our diet, vowing to eat healthy foods, we naturally want to extend our efforts to our canine companions. We may take for granted that the foods deemed safe for us would also be safe for our dogs. However, that is not always true. Some veggies and fruits are harmful and downright toxic to dogs. When planning snack time, make sure to avoid giving your pooch any items of this list.

10 fruits & vegetables that are toxic to dogs

#1 Raisins and Grapes

Raisins and grapes top the list, being a snack best avoided for dogs. These foods pose a danger well documented in scientific literature. Even small amounts of either food can trigger a potentially fatal toxicity. This is due to the potential for kidney damage.

#2 Garlic and Onions

Garlic has long been touted as a beneficial food. However, the Pet Poison Helpline cautions owners against feeding their pets garlic. Ingesting garlic can produce some dangerous complications in dogs. This includes general malaise, reduced energy, increased heart and breathing rates, change in gum color and crashing.

#3 Cherries

These delicious fruits are more than a mere sundae topping. They provide humans with anti-inflammatory compounds and can offer some relief to arthritis sufferers. It has been also shown to aid in memory, sleeping and helping the body fight cancer. However, these tasty fruits are a definite no-no for dogs. Eating a few can lead to respiratory failure and even a pet dying. The cherry plant and its pits comprise a form of cyanide. Keep cherry plants out of reach of dogs. Feed only the pulp portion of the cherry if your pet must ingest the fruit.

#4 Mushrooms

Though only a few varieties of mushrooms prove toxic to canines, be vigilant when feeding them to your pet. If you ever doubt what kind of mushroom you’ve fed you pet, err on the side of caution and get them to the vet promptly. When fed toxic mushrooms, the effects can set in quickly, ranging from seizures, shakes, organ failure and eventually death.

#5 Currants

Currants still remains a lesser known danger for dogs. Many are surprised that this fruit makes the list. They can trigger some of the same effects as grapes and raisins. Untreated toxicity can lead to kidney failure. For this reason, it is best to steer clear when choosing snacks for your pooch. Although your dog may not throw up or succumb to diarrhea, take them to the vet anytime they consume currants.

#6 Raw/Green Potatoes

Potatoes are a common part of many meals. From breakfast through dinner, many households have this veggie around. They have even found their way into many premium pet foods. The danger comes in unripened, green or raw potatoes as they are often toxic to dogs. They can also create problems for humans too! Keep an eye out for upset stomach, throwing up and irregular heartbeat in dogs. Seek prompt medical attention for any of these symptoms.

#7 Apricots

Dogs can often eat apricot fruit pulp without incident. However, it is the leaves, seeds and parts of the apricot plant that pose the risk to dogs. When these plants are grown in a household, be sure to take steps to safeguard them and prevent pet access to them. Placing them on an elevated shelf or behind a secure fence can keep your pet out of harm’s way.

#8 Rhubarb

Many pies are made with rhubarb. However, dogs will have to be denied this food. The culprits are the rhubarb leaves and stems. They leech calcium from the dog’s body and can lead to kidney failure and other more complicated medical issues.

#9 Apple Seeds

Apples come in a range of varieties and colors. They offer a sweet and crunchy treat for our canine companions. However, take care to avoid feeding the dog the seeds. They contain cyanide and prove toxic. Though it usually takes a lot of apple seeds to induce symptoms, it is best to avoid them at all costs. Keep an eye on your produce. Slice apples and feed the pulp, avoiding giving the core to your dog.

#10 Tomato Plants

Tomatoes are a tasty basis for many dishes. The fruit contains many beneficial compounds. The stems and leaves of tomatoes carry the most danger to dogs. Unripened tomatoes are also best avoided as they induce stomach upset. Usually, effects occur after a large amount of is eaten. However, those with green thumbs would be better served by securing their tomato plants to ensure their beloved pooches don’t get into them.

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