Paralysed bunny gets second chance at life with customised wheelchair

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A British animal sanctuary owner has created a custom-made wheelchair for her paralysed pet rabbit, Bertha.

Paralysed bunny gets second chance at life with customised wheelchair

After Bertha's hips collapsed earlier this year, her vet suggested she may have to be put down, but owner Melanie James had other ideas. She set about adapting a puppy wheelchair that Bertha could use to help her walk.

"I've actually seen dogs in wheelchairs and I thought 'if it works for a dog, then why not a rabbit?'" she told SWNS.

"It's actually a puppy wheelchair that's been adapted to fit Bertha and hopefully, within the not-too-distant future, she will regain mobility herself," says James in the video.

"The vet and myself can't believe how well the wheelchair is actually working," said James. "So fingers crossed, and everything else crossed, that it'll go according to plan."

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