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One of the best things about staying at a hotel is, in my book at least, the breakfast. It’s not just the variety of options that exist at a buffet, but also that it’s somehow relaxing. This is doubly true if you have a nice view to appreciate.

Hotel guests begin to see water bubbling fiercely, can   t believe their eyes when creature appear

When it comes to such views, they hardly come as wonderful as the one at the center of this story. With guests at the Great Bear Lodge in Port Hardy, Canada enjoying their breakfast, the water beside them began to bubble fiercely. Before long something revealed itself from the murky depths, and when it did it’s safe to say more than one guest was ready to spit out their coffee.

It was at the Great Bear Lodge in the Port Hardy district of British Columbia, Canada that guests were treated to a breakfast show none of them will ever forget.

Forget the omelettes, bacon and freshly baked bread, it was the bubbling of the nearby water that surprised the men and women sitting down to eat their first meal of the day.

Then, as they rose to get a closer look, a giant creature broke the surface.

It was, incredibly, a group of humpback wales coming to welcome the guests!

Those gathered in attendance were unsurprisingly left shocked by the truly unforgettable sight. Just look at the girl on the left, her body language says it all!

In the clip below you can watch the awesome moment unfold. Imagine suddenly having these majestic animals appearing in front of your eyes. What an experience!

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