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One of the great parts of having our own children is that we get to build our own family, and do things our own way. It’s a new start.

Woman meets brother for the first time after 30 years

However, for people who grew up without their biological family, having your own children can make old questions and emotions come flooding back.

That was the case for Christina Housel, who decided to go searching for her biological family after having her first child.

To her shock, she managed to track down her biological brother. After some convincing, her brother agreed to meet with her.

And when they finally met, he told her a secret that united them in a new search.

After months of seraching, Christina was finally able to travel from her home in Washington to Arizona, to meet her biological brother Lyles James Berryman. The road to that moment hadn’t been easy, and James had taken some convincing about the reunion.

“I think he was pretty skeptical,” Christina tells Inside Edition. “Meeting him and comparing him to me is just mind-blowing.

However, when they finally met, there was no doubt in Lyle’s mind that this was his sister.

“When a saw a photo of her, I knew she was my sister, because she looks like me,” Lyle says.

Once they were finally together, Lyle was able to show Christina photos of their mother. Lyle had grown up with their biological mom, who sadly died when he was very young. However, before she passed away, his mom had told him a secret, which he was finally able to share with Christina.

Lyle’s mom had told him that he also had two sisters – twin girls – who had been adopted. Christina and Lyle knew they had to find the girls. They posted a photo on Facebook, each holding a sign with the message:

“Just met after 30 years. Still looking for twin girls born in Florida around May or April 1992-94.”

It didn’t take long for the photo to go viral, with thousands of strangers hoping to help these siblings reunite with their long lost sisters. And soon enough, twins Lauren Rutherford and Ashley Bo spotted the picture, and began to wonder if they could be the missing siblings.

The twins immediately bought plane tickets and packed their bags to go and visit the siblings – and they soon discovered that they were related!

The four long-lost siblings enjoyed a joyous reunion, where they traded stories and showed each other photos from their childhoods. For the girls, it was the first time they got to see photos of their biological mother.

The siblings also found that they had another bond that linked them – the military. Christina is in the Navy, Lyle has served in the Army and Ashley’s husband is in the Air Force.

With their family bond and shared experiences, I’m sure that this is just the start of many happy days ahead for the four siblings.

Christina’s story really shows how important it is to cherish the family we have in our lives. I’m so glad that these siblings were able to find each other, and wish them many happy days together in the future!

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