A man fakes his death to catch his murderer...his wife


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With the help of the FBI, Ramón Sosa, a boxing trainer who lives in Texas, United States faked his death to catch his murderer, who was willing to pay $ 2,000 to be killed.

A man fakes his death to catch his murderer...his wife

The surprising thing is that it was his own wife, María Lulú Sosa. In 2015, she sought the help of a man to commit the crime, however, she turned out to be a friend of her husband, as they had trained together.

"When he called me and said he needed to see me because someone wanted to kill me, I thought he was joking," Ramón told the Daily Mail newspaper.

Lulu and the Puerto Rican met in 2007, eventually, both started a business, but the financial problems disturbed the relationship and she filed for divorce.

After the macabre plan of his wife, they agreed that the supposed murderer would carry a hidden microphone to record and evidence the author of the crime.

During their meeting, the woman expressed that she wanted her dead husband. The statement was brought before the Montgomery County Police, who proceeded with the arrest of Lulu.

After her arrest, the conspirator pleaded guilty to requesting a murder and was sentenced to 20 years in prison in October 2016

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