Melt Belly Fat By Drinking Water This Way! Unbelievable, But It Works!


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"Many people are dealing with obesity and they try to find the best way to reduce belly fat. Fortunately, water is the best ally when it comes to melting pounds since it helps to flush the body of toxins and excess fat. Avoid fizzy and sweet drinks, instead drink more water and you will notice how your kilograms will dissapear without extra effort.

Melt Belly Fat By Drinking Water This Way! Unbelievable, But It Works!

- A glass of water in the morning:
As soon as you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of warm water. It will help you speed up the metabolism and reduce feeling of hunger. You can also add some lemon juice and the effect will be even better. Emily Dubinsky, dietitian from Johns Hopkins Weight Menagement Center suggests that we should drink 2 dl of water when we feel hungry ad wait for ten minutes. Only after this mini trick we will see if we are really hungry or just thirsty.

- The rule “8 glasses”:
If you already have heard about this rule of drinking 8 glasses of water, than you know that it’s not a bad rule, though it’s not entirely true. This is due to the different organisms. For example, men usually need about 13 glasses of water, as opposed of women who need only 9 glasses of water. Along with these 13 glasses, you can also consume other fluids like coffee, soup, juice, tea. However, moderation is the most important because exaggeration with water can have fatal consequences.

- Water during meals?:
The opinions are devided. Some argue that we should drink water during meals because it will fill up the stomach quicker, and we will eat less, as opposed to others who think this is a very bad solution. Dr. Strawberry Jorg explained: “Entering the water during meals dilutes stomach acid and juices that hinder and slow down digestion. We should adhere to the rule to drink water 15 to 20 minutes before eating. The water should be avoided during or immediately after a meal, because in this way it increases the volume of the stomach. “

- Not at bedtime:
You should not drink a glass of water before going to bed because it won’t have many positive effects, you will only feel bloated and sleepy and you will probably have to use the toilet during the night. Moreover, people with blood pressure should avoid drinking water before bedtime becuase it can lead to increase in blood volume and thus a jump in pressure, said Dr. Michael Rouzenfeld from the University of Washington.

All you need to do in order to lose the excess fat in your body is to have a constant control of the regular fluid intake, since water helps the body to dissolve excess fat more easily.

The best thing you can do do achieve weight loss is to start drinkin warm water in the morning along with moderate eercise and healthy nutrition. We guarantee you a visible results in less than 2 months".

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