Can you see anything in the red dot? New optical illusion drives the internet mad

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This might look like a simple red dot at first glance, but what's taking the internet by a storm is what's INSIDE the dot.

Can you see anything in the red dot? New optical illusion drives the internet mad

Take a close look at the circle and see what you can see.

If it's just a blank red, you might find yourself disappointed - but you can scroll down to see the reveal.

Because plenty of people are looking at it and seeing something else.

Jack O'Neil's original puzzle on Playbuzz is a bit of an eye test, with commenters having varying degrees of success.

Carolyn Koval wrote: "Yes I saw it all - when I removed my glasses."

User Matt Wil explained: "It's a test to see how well your eyes differentiate color."

Can you see anything inside the dot?
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