He is Comando, the dog that faithfully awaits the arrival of the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan


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He is Comando, every time that the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan sailed, the dog submerged in the sea to accompany them to where its force allowed it. The sailors saw it many times, launching himself from the jetty and following the trail left by the submersible.

He is Comando, the dog that faithfully awaits the arrival of the Argentine submarine ARA San Juan

Although it was learned that the Argentine Navy terminated the rescue attempts of the crew of ARA San Juan, the dog "Comando", the mascot of the Naval Base of Mar del Plata, is still waiting faithfully in front of the sea for the arrival of the submarine.

This beautiful dog was cared for by Eliana Krawczyk, the only woman aboard on the team, it shows that she did a great job giving love to this dog.

Rest in peace.

Every time I hear these stories, my heart breaks and I wonder, do we really deserve that the dogs are so sincere, faithful and loving with us?

Fuente: www.diariomovil.info
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