Kind Stranger Gives Shirt To A Homeless Subway Rider


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This is the type of video that will completely restore your faith in humanity. It’s just amazing.

Kind Stranger Gives Shirt To A Homeless Subway Rider

While sitting on a near-empty subway train in New York City, a passenger was able to capture a remarkable moment on video. As a homeless man without a shirt is sitting quietly on the train, a complete and total stranger approaches him and offers a T-shirt from his bag. The man obliges — after all, it’s winter in NYC — but then lifts his arms out as if to say he cannot dress himself. That’s when the kindhearted man proceeds to slip the shirt over his arms and head, literally clothing him.

The simple yet powerful moment is going viral with nearly 100,000 shares in just one day. Facebook commenter named Mike Vee writes, “One of the most important parts of this video is that the subway car is nearly empty. This was just supposed to be a straight up random act of kindness without a thought of repayment, credit, or fame. That kind of generosity is authentic. I appreciate it. I feel awful for the man receiving the shirt though; it’s obvious that he’s cognitively impaired and cannot even appropriately verbalize.”

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