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Just hours before two shelter dogs were about to be euthanized, a cuddly photo of them blew up all over the internet.

Viral photo of "hugging dog" saves their lives

The original photo received thousands of likes and shares on Facebook and shows Kala hugging her best friend Keira inside of the Atlanta-based Angels Among Us Pet Rescue Shelter.

“I’m Kala. This is Keira. We’re so scared in here. The people working in the shelter see how scared we are but just told each other that today is our deadline. We have to have someone rescue us or we’ll be ‘next.'”

Just two hours after the pictures went viral, both of the dogs got adopted into the same home. An updated photo featuring Kala and Keira giving kisses to their new caretaker received more than 30 thousand likes on Facebook.

These photos sent such a powerful message: many dogs, just like these two, need your help!

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