This 11 Year-Old Aussie Music Producer Will Shock You!


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How’s your career working out? Meet Black Summer (AKA Rhys), an incredibly talented 11 year-old Aussie kid making a name for himself as a music producer. After uploading some of his work onto Unearthed, he caught the attention of Australian radio station Triple J. Triple J sent a crew to Black Summer’s home to catch up with the young man and discuss his work.

This 11 Year-Old Aussie Music Producer Will Shock You!

This kid is seriously talented and hard-working. In fact, he’s already been making music for roughly five years! You can listen to his music on Unearthed. This story just goes to show how much you can accomplish if you find something you’re really passionate about and work hard. This kid is amazingly inspirational, and it’s nice to see he’s got very supportive parents to support him.

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