Thousands of scientists warn about the next mass extinction


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On Monday, November 13, more than 15,000 scientists, members of the international scientific community, signed an article (probably the largest number of signatures in a scientific article), sending a clear and forceful message: if humans do not take drastic measures, inevitably we will provoke an irreversible environmental catastrophe.

Thousands of scientists warn about the next mass extinction

The article where you can see this warning is entitled "Scientists of the world warning humanity: A second warning", and was published in the journal BioScience, the reason for the title is because it refers to another published in 1992 .

In that year, almost at the beginning of the last decade of the century, 1,700 scientists (which included numerous Nobel prizes), argued that humans were "on a collision course with nature", where everyone was urged to save to the planet of climate change, by burning less fossil fuels, preserving forests, limiting population growth and improving food production.

25 years later, the text written by an international team led by William Ripple, professor of Forestry Sciences at the Oregon State University (USA), points out almost the same warnings, since it is said that human welfare will be seriously compromised by the changing climate, deforestation, the loss of access to fresh water, the extinction of species and the growth of the human population.

"Humanity is not taking the urgent measures necessary to safeguard our biosphere in danger," the scientists warn in the publication of the journal BioScience.

The scientific community also points out that ignoring this second notification will have disastrous consequences and catastrophes that will lead humanity to extinction: "Soon it will be too late to change the direction of our failed trajectory, and time is running out".

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