This man has not brushed his teeth for over 20 years


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If you have children or family members who do not like to brush their teeth, show this story and let it be a lesson for the rest of their lives.

This man has not brushed his teeth for over 20 years

Jay is a 21-year-old Brittish Guy who took a pledge not to brush his teeth. From the onset he looks fairly normal.

Jay not washing teeth

But wait, when he opens his mouth…..

Jay's ugly teeth


If you’re still with us, this is as a result of Jay drinking an excessive amount of fizzy drinks, developed from his early childhood! Nonsense.

It is also obvious he has never visited a dentist in his life or flossed the crazy fool.

The best part is, apparently Jay is a sanitation worker, and would you know it, his teeth are holding him back from a career in Physiotherapy.

Upon taking the courage to finally visit the dentist, he had to have 11 teeth pulled, but after the entire painful process as you can imagine.

So fear not lads, obviously, the advice is to wash your teeth to avoid this painful process, but like Jay, not brushing your teeth can actually work out in the end!

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