This rare but spectacular chicken is 100% black from its feathers to its internal organs and bones


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Clear the driveway, and make way for the Lamborghini of poultry from Indonesia. Ayam Cemani is a mesmerizing member of a rare breed of chicken whose all-black appearance tells us why this bird ranks among the world’s most exotic and mysteries species of birds.

This rare but spectacular chicken    is 100% black from its feathers to its internal organs and bones

A harmless genetic mutation called Fibromelanosis has resulted in the seepage of excessive Melanin into the winged creature’s tissue, accounting for not only its onyx feet and metallic feathers but also its inky black internal organs.

The Melanin seepage happens at the embryonic stage and the end result is a bunch of adorable black chicks born to the Cemani mother hen.

The phenomenon of the Ayam Cemani has been around for nine centuries; when it first appeared in the 12th century, the Javanese considered it an elite bird, and local folklore has since abounded with references to the black-winged wonder.

Locals even treat the creature’s inky blood as a good luck charm and imbibe this acknowledged delicacy of spirits in the belief that it will bring them wealth and power.

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