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With all the "social" and technological advances that are known, it is thought that taboos of other times are no longer considered in such a way, as for example, homosexuality, thanks to the new laws and rights that have been granted to these people in different parts of the world, being a window to the plurality.

Starts trial against couple who tortured and killed child for "being gay"

However, with stories like the following, we return to land making us see that really, in the world is not as pluralistic and remains as radical as in the years that we only remember for books.

Authorities in Los Angeles prosecute a man who, along with a partner, tortured and murdered the son of the latter because "they believed he was gay."

The facts, have unleashed a wave of outrage in California, a state that this week recognized the existence of a third non-binary genre.

Isauro Aguirre, identified as the main aggressor, had acknowledged having murdered the eight-year-old; nevertheless, the Court and the investigations assure that before firing the minor, Aguirre beat it ruthlessly with a bat and terrified it to unsuspected levels.

The mother of the child, who also participated in the acts of torture against her own son, will also be tried for having deprived the child of food as "punishment".

Although the events occurred since 2013, the investigation was reopened to try to shed light on the alleged acts of torture against the now minor offender.

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