Drinking water on awakening is beneficial for health: we tell you why


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(www.extremisimo.net) Perhaps those people who are accustomed to drinking water know about these properties, but it must be admitted that it is a difficult habit to adopt for those who do not do it frequently. There are a lot of people who are incredulous about how beneficial it is to drink water during the day, and in this post we will try to convince them with an extra positive aspect: ingesting water on an empty stomach.

Drinking water on awakening is beneficial for health: we tell you why

Drinking water fast makes our metabolism active, and start your daily work in a better way.

While we sleep our body is responsible for making a series of "repairs": it is cleaned internally and repairs cells. That is why taking water on an empty stomach is making the release of accumulated toxins more effective.

The glass of water, taken in the wake of waking, also helps to reduce the damage caused by certain bad habits such as the weed, junk food, alcohol, etc.

In addition water intake moisturizes the skin avoiding the early appearance of wrinkles. Remember that after several hours without eating food, the body must be activated, and drinking water is one of the best ways to do so.

Therefore the benefits of drinking water fasting are: activate the metabolism, release accumulated toxins and hydrate the body.

If you know someone who does not believe in the goodness of drinking water daily, share this information!

Fuente: extremisimo.net
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