Russian Secret Service graduates break the first rule of being secret agents

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geek- Being accepted into the ranks of your government’s secret service must be an equally exciting and frustrating time. As soon as training starts you can’t tell anyone what you’re really doing because you’re trying to be a secret agent. And when you graduate? Your entire career will be one of lying to those around you about what you really do at work.

Russian Secret Service graduates break the first rule of being secret agents

Russia trains a lot of Secret Service employees. How do we know that? Because a recent round of graduates from the Russian Secret Service school decided to make a video to celebrate graduating.

Have you spotted the mistake they made? Notably, showing their faces in the professionally produced video, which also involves the Secret Service’s fleet of Mercedes Gelandewagens.

Rival intelligence agencies around the world will be busy dissecting this video, logging all the faces shown and creating a file for each. If any of these graduates are sent to other countries in the years to come and attempt to secure positions in sensitive areas they will be flagged and kicked out, or quietly fed all the wrong information just to mess with the Russians.

Ultimately, the graduates may have rendered themselves useless to their Secret Service, or at least doomed themselves to low ranking desk jobs for the rest of their careers. And that’s if they still have careers. The Russian Federal Secret Service (FSB) has launched an investigation, and retired FSB general-major Alexander Mikhailov has publicly said the act classes as both a betrayal and treason.

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