Apologia for 'Deconstructing Spirit'

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Apologia for 'Deconstructing Spirit'

Apologia for 'Deconstructing Spirit'

aMan Bloom, 2016

Evolution of life forms eventually leads to intelligent beings who in their thinking and interacting create and interpret a noumenal environment that, though not physical, is energetic and actual.
In their attempts to understand and utilize this phenomenon they first embody an outside intervening force or set of forces. This is them as an example of intelligent awareness in its adolescence. Innocent, strong, potentially dangerous.
Stage two in this journeying involves rejection of the mind and its capabilities, of its reasoning powers, the very attribute that had brought these conscious and aware beings to this conclusion, followed necessarily by a hardening of nascent belief into rigid faith.
A third stage, as difficult to come about as any birthing, consists of a maturing, a coming to terms with independence, with fragility, with circumstance and death. And an understanding and acceptance of the true nature of the noumenal environment.
One cogent result of the emergence of extra-sensory, imaginative and esoteric functioning when set apart from fabrication, tradition and superstition, is an understanding of the powers released within individuals and groupings of individual consciousnesses that in the past have been described, mistakenly, as ‘spiritual’.
We’ve come to accept the rather bizarre notion that all of physical reality is simply an amalgam of minutiae, of waves and particles of minimal, conditional and effervescent actuality, held temporally together in a matrix of energy, vibrations and frequency modulations. It is a simple step to see that this is also the stuff of spirit.
So I am not denying epiphenomena that are now attributed to so-called spirit, only denying their source. We moderns are surrounded with astounding epiphenomena, such as radio (sending sound vibrations through great distances!), solar power (converting sunshine into electricity!), digital photography, x-ray, atomic energy, and are uncovering more in the natural world, such as DNA, light spectra, quantum physics…none of which is attributable to ‘spirit’ any more than should telepathy, reiki, trance, epiphany or any other noumenal event or experience which “cause” is yet to be discovered, if ever at all.
To be particular: as part of their evolution, human beings individually and together create a phenomenal condition that cannot be rationally explained, but can be explained away. It is certainly true that to some extent most if not all humans are capable of experiencing beyond the knell of the mundane, and some have through intent or consent or genetics transpired to receive signaling that is silent to most, but all of this is a result of accumulation, evolution, nature…
I am not disparaging the efficacy or utility of such revelations, only that they have been explicated with fiction and superstition rather than being accepted for what they truly are: human phenomena, the noumenal world that should be treated as much a part of normal experience as the physical and psychological worlds and not relegated to some mystery or another.
This said, now please read my PowerPoint presentation, ‘Deconstructing Spirit’, available online at https://www.academia.edu/23678256/DECONSTRUCTING_SPIRIT

Fuente: www.academia.edu
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