This exercise will perfect your posture

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Back extension is a widely used exercise. Specialists apply the exercise not only in sports training, but also in medicine. Back extensions, if practiced regularly, will help you get rid of round back and discomfort in the spine and will give you a perfect posture. Office workers, or pretty much anybody who tends to sit a lot, will find this exercise helpful.

This exercise will perfect your posture

Everybody at Bright Side does this exercise before working on all the amazing articles.

Original position. Lie down on your stomach and put your forehead on a yoga mat. Put your arms parallel to your body and press your palms against your thighs. Straighten your elbows. Put your legs together, and your toes should be slightly drawn.
Exhale. Lift your head, chest and the top part of your stomach while keeping your arms and legs in place.

Inhale. Slowly go back to the original position. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
Do this exercise 3 times a week and you will feel an improvement in glutes, back and stomach muscles. This will also positively affect internal organ functions, and you will feel much better overall.

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