7 Nutrients You Need for Healthy Skin and Hair


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7 Nutrients You Need for Healthy Skin and Hair

Glowing skin and healthy hair start from the inside out. Coming up empty on both? Then your diet may be missing some vital daily vitamins. Here, find out which ones are essential for your complexion and your strands.

Vitamin C

Found in: Citrus fruits, yellow bell peppers, papaya, kale, strawberries

Vitamin C helps fight UV damage and brighten the complexion. “It’s critical for the production of collagen and the maintenance of healthy blood vessels in the skin,” says Clear Scalp & Hair dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D., who specializes in skin and hair. You can also apply skin-care products that contain vitamin C for an extra boost.

Vitamin E

Found in: Spinach, nuts, seeds, sunflower oil

Vitamin E is an antioxidant powerhouse and works as a shield against free radicals, which damage the skin. “It quenches free radicals we encounter in the environment [like pollution and UV rays], which speed up the breakdown of collagen,” says Fusco.

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