This Monster Sized Lizard Reminds Me Why Never To Live In Australia


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If you live in Australia we imagine you’re used to tackling all sorts of monstrous animals in your day to day life, but even an Aussie was shocked when he saw a giant fucking lizard on the side of his house.

This Monster Sized Lizard Reminds Me Why Never To Live In Australia

Eric Holland from Thurgoona in New South Wales was doing some repair work in his shed, when he glimpsed the huge 1.5 metre (five-feet) long Goanna lizard running through his garden. He then heard a strange banging and discovered the miniature dinosaur chilling on the side of his house.

Holland told the local radio station 2GB his shock at seeing the humongous reptile, saying: “Well it was a bloody big shock mate… I nearly trod on the bloody thing.”

The Goanna turned out to actually be a mature Lace Monitor, which can grow to two metres (6.5-feet) long and weigh up to 20 kilograms (44 lbs).

Although the Lace Monitor is quite common in the area where Holland lives, he says it’s the first time he’s seen one in the 18 years he’s lived there, according to the Border Mail.

We’re hoping that the authorities contacted Jurassic Park to see if there have been any escapees.

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