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Buy Property in Turkey with Bitcoin

 Buy Property in Turkey Bitcoin

Before we give information about buy property in Turkey with Bitcoin, we would like to give some information about Summer Home Real Estate Company. Summer Home Real Estate Company serves the customers since 2004. You can have service in 16 different languages. You can buy service from Summer Home Real Estate Company about to serves you not only buy property in Turkey with Bitcoin but also buy property in Turkey with any payment methods. Other services that the Summer Home Real Estate Company can give; serve you about to find the best region for you to buy the property, find the best property for you, deal for the best price for you with the owner. Summer Home Real Estate Company can also support you after you deal with the owner of the property you buy. There could be some paper works for the buy property. Summer Home Real Estate Company can support you during this period. They also can support you if you like, during the period which you are getting used to live in Turkey.

Now, let’s talk about buy something with Bitcoin in Turkey. Use Bitcoin as a payment method is not mostly used in Turkey like another countries. Most of stores in Turkey don’t accept Bitcoin. It could be seems that it is not possible to buy something with Bitcoin in Turkey. But, it is possible to use Bitcoin in Turkey. Just you have to find the right shop or right company where you can buy lots of thing with Bitcoin in Turkey. Also you can buy property in Turkey with Bitcoin.

Generally, foreigners use Bitcoin. Because of this, most of real estate companies which are located in touristic region, accept Bitcoin payment method. If you want to buy property in Turkey with Bitcoin, we advise you to search the property in touristic regions. Where are the tourist regions in Turkey?


Bodrum is located in the Aegean Region. It is a district of Muğla province. Bodrum is one of Turkey's most touristic districts. Bodrum is one of the most populated districts in Muğla. In other words, it can be said that it is a very active life both in summer, tourist season and winter months. You can find more than one real estate companies which can accept payment with Bitcoin in Bodrum.


One of the touristic regions in Turkey is Belek. Belek is a neighborhood. It is connected to Serik district of Antalya province. Belek probably has a smaller area than you might think. With the arrival of tourists in the summer months, the Belek life is quite active and it is quite calm during the winter months. Due to the small size of the area, there are not many real estate companies in Belek which accept Bitcoin payment. Maybe one or two real estate company you could find.

As a Summer Home Real Estate Company, we can give you more information about buy property in Turkey with Bitcoin.

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