There is a door in your head that no one told you about.



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There is a door in your head that no one told you about.

There is a door in your head that no one told you about.

It is the door through which we enter into life. And out of life again.

It is the door, which separates ordinary consciousness from higher states of consciousness, mundane thought from genius. It is the door that separates time-bound mind from timeless mind, personal consciousness to cosmic consciousness. It is the door that leads from wonder to knowing.

In the distant past, mysterious ancient cultures including Ancient Egypt who represent man at his proudest moment, understood the importance of finding the door and accessing the power that lie just beyond, More than that they took special care to communicate a timeless record of the process that could bring about a certain higher state of consciousness that was attainable by all who understood how to open the door.

For them the door symbolized the end of time-bound consciousness and the beginning of the timeless consciousness while still alive, the ability to be able to access what would normally be considered post-mortal consciousness, while still in the physical shell.

Walking thru the door, WITHOUT FIRST EXPERIENCING DEATH, is the promise of the ancient message.

This is also what the psychedelic revolution of the 60s brought to the western world. A dramatic, if unpredictable way of experiencing the presence of an open third eye without having to die first, or without years of devout preparation.

The allure of the door also explains the growing interest in the entheogenic experience today, that gives people a first hand experience of consciousness in its amazing and bizarre and sometimes frighteningly powerful states.

As part of the production of the new series of Magical Egypt, we began to gather stories from those bold enough to share - stories about times they have been through the door - either in a shamanic or psychedelic context, a near death experience, an epiphanous moment of unusual clarity, unexplained insight, mystical, ecstatic or hypnogogic states. Those moments where a wholly alien voice begins to speak to you, when a new type of awareness, a new way of thinking, a new relationship to knowing, suddenly springs alight, often changing the experiencer forever.

As the stories began to accumulate, it became clear that the stories themselves were important, and that the collection of stories was a strange and wonderful garden that we could all explore, to marvel at the further frontiers of human consciousness, from what the ancients believed to be our highest purpose.

These moments are not flukes, or momentary delusion, or insanity. These moments of opening or awakening to a higher awareness, are in fact normal, healthy and profoundly desirable experiences and are in many ways the most important events of a conscious life.

Unfortunately, we now live in a society that does not acknowledge these experiences, and so an important, perhaps pivotal, part of the human experience is completely excluded from the modern human. But this paradigm can change at any moment, when a tipping point is reached where the importance of these states is no longer deniable, and it is no longer possible to marginalize those who are courageous enough to insist on the reality that includes these non-ordinary states of mind - and the non-ordinary realities they give us access to.

These moments provide a brief glimpse of the universal mind that lies normally hidden behind the veil. Each person, according to their unique geniuses, education, background, when they walk thru the door, when they glimpse the world beyond the veil, are often empowered to express the awesome power and intelligence they witnessed, and in some sense merged with. After this experience many are empowered to write their names in human history with the strength of their accomplishments, be it through art, music, architecture, science, literature, or any other form of psychic or spiritual expression.

We need this more than ever.

The greatest hope for humanity is that those who have found the door, and those who have been through the door, hold out your hand to those who have not, and show them, by sharing their experiences, what secret and strange treasures are waiting for others when they discover and learn to open their own door. This could be the evolutionary event that humanity has been waiting for. One that allows us to shed our old skin, like a snake, and begin a new stage of growth, splendor and fulfillment of our awesome untapped and perhaps even undreamed of potential.

Walking through the door is the ultimate heroes journey. The inner journey. Those brave pioneers that dare explore this uncharted, mysterious and foreboding territory are like those who braved the ocean, into the unknown, to create a new place for humanity to expand into.

For the individual who chooses to explore his or her own secret door, it can be as dramatic as the difference between living blind or sighted, living in an artificial matrix, or opening one's eyes and living in the real limitless, boundless world. Living as a vassal, or living like the emperor of one's own kingdom.

What would the world look like when the closed eyes are open, when people en masse begin to see with the single eye that directly perceives the truth? No politician or criminal or subjugator can lie to a person or a populace whose third eye is open. The artificial nature of materialism and consumerism and escapism into television, suddenly give way to a new cultural emphasis on discovering and expanding, ever perfecting our own consciousness, our own will, our own metaphysical gravity, our own destiny, our own inner garden, and ultimately, our own solar boat, to sail the seas of eternity in the company of the solar gods.

What would happen to the world if material possessions, war and aggression, greed and dishonesty were laid bare as the empty and destructive false attractor that they are, and were instead replace by a world who's collective and individual focus was on exploring the bewildering mental, magical, psycho-sexual, creative and spiritual planes of existence that wait beyond the door. The true wealth, the true treasure, waiting for each of us just beyond the door.

What kind of a world would result if everybody walked through the door? Let's find out together.

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