They did it again: ISIS reappears with a new threat regarding international football


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ISIS Threatens Lionel Messi & Neymar & threatened the 2018 Football World

They did it again: ISIS reappears with a new threat regarding international football

Cup, its really something the world at large need to talk about this because
is serious. News have been going around in media 2018 world cup we be blood

The ISIS seems to have issues with football now. Days ago, the terrorist
outfit threatened the 2018 Football World Cup with dire consequences with
a horrid Lionel Messi poster. Now it has come up with another image that
can easily send a shrill down your spine.

A photograph doing the rounds on social media shows an executed Messi and
a to-be-beheaded Neymar. And this clearly morphed photograph is a threat
to the Football World Cup scheduled to begin next year in June, 2018.

This news is brought to us not for us to start shearing wrong news about
this i think the world need to do some thing to this if really is true
well i just pray is not coming from them.

i know the Americans are doing something about isis to eradicate them from
the surface of the earth is good you share this post on social media for
every one to be aware of this than you for taking your precious time to
read this.

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