Letter from a daughter to the father who left her


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Sadly pain is a reality in our society. There are many families who are broken for various reasons. One of the most heartbreaking is emotional abandonment.

Letter from a daughter to the father who left her

Today I present the letter of a small to his father that I saw in the Spanish-speaking web portal eresmama.com. In it, we will discover that the emotional abandonment of children is even more difficult than the physical abandonment that children suffer.

Child Abandonment

When parents separate or divorce is already difficult enough for a child. They do not understand why or simply do not want to accept it. It is difficult to express in words the feelings so intense that they can cause the separation of the parents.

The emotional abandonment of children ranges from identity crisis to low self-esteem. These children have trouble relating to others, develop insecurities and often think that they will never be valuable enough for anyone.

The children believe that they did something wrong so that that parent has chosen to leave.

For a child it is very difficult to accept that one parent preferred another family and that he decided never to return to the one he left behind. For children, the process of acceptance is so difficult that they need stability and constant love, an emotional refuge.

Child emotional neglect can be really painful. Next, you will discover the letter of a little girl to the father who left her.

They say that we do not know our own strength until being strong is the only option we have left. This little girl decided to be strong and close the wounds with this beautiful letter:

Letter from a little girl to her father

Dad, I want you to know that I think about you all the time.

Every day I wonder what would happen if you had not gone, but I guess it's better that way.

I have found my passion: art. If you were with me I would ask you to take me to museums, photo exhibitions and galleries. Also to plays, concerts of orchestras and book presentations. Sure would be great.

Art has helped me to discover many things, to observe people and to blow my imagination. Today the only thing I want to be able to guess is how your smile will be.

I wonder how your eyes will look when you become sad, or how your brow wrinkles when you are angry. I would make you many pictures, because at last I have the camera that I always wanted, the one that asked you so much.

Sometimes I dream of walking with you by the arm and walking in the street while I rest my head on your shoulder. I always had the desire to know what it would feel like if you told me 'how pretty you are'. Too bad you could never do it.

Nothing happens dad, I understand that you are very busy.

A great pain

You left. Although I know it was not my fault, or my mother's. I've always wanted to be as strong as her, but I can not because, despite everything, I miss you so much.

I still remember the day you left. I would have liked to know then that I would never see you again to be able to hold you stronger and tell you that I will always love you.

Why did not you tell me the truth, Dad? If you had, today all this would be easier.

I wish you had chosen us. I needed you. Listen to your words of encouragement every morning, your advice and above all that you will make it clear to me that no man should treat me badly, to know how valuable I am. Today I am aware of all that, but it would have been easier for me to hear it from you.

I do not blame you. I do not blame you for my insecurities, the terrible fear I have for abandonment, for emptiness. Many times I have believed that my defects are greater than my virtues. All that is in my mind and I must learn to deal with it.

I have tried in many ways to fill that deep void that I feel, even forms that do not make me feel proud.

My love affairs have been disastrous for fear of being left. Sometimes I cried when I thought I would not get married, and that made me very cowardly in love. Truthfully, I would not want to suffer what Mom passed by your side.

What good are vows if they are not fulfilled?

Emotional neglect is a great pain

Mom and I got along pretty well, and I admire her a lot. He is always by my side. She taught me that no matter how difficult life gets, it is always better when one smiles. She is a real woman.

When I see Mom I find it hard to understand your departure. Sometimes I think you were afraid of him, his strength and his desire to get ahead. When you did not feel capable, you ran away. Although it is not for me to judge.

I know that if I had to choose again who to stay with, I would always choose her. I also know that you would stay with the other family.

I hope with all my heart that you are for your wife and your other children what you could not be for us: a father and a faithful companion. I say goodbye with dry eyes, because the tears are no longer necessary today.

I know I said that I would always love you, but today I am convinced that the only thing I love is the idea of ​​what you could have been. I can only thank you for life, because it is the greatest gift you have given me. I really hope you are well. I send you a hug and a farewell kiss wherever you are.

Today I have healed.

Fuente: eresmama.com
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