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If you do not want that night of passion to become one of the most uncomfortable situations in your life, we advise you to separate rooms, at least for a while.

The complications of having sex in front of your pet

We have to admit, at some point it has happened that in the heat of the environment, it is time to move to second base with the person with whom we are dating. From the drink to the kisses and from there to the sexual caresses nothing can stop it, except the look of your pet.

You have two options: either you continue as if nothing or you take letters on the matter and you take it out of the room. That depends on each person and the comfort of the two people; although to tell the truth, if one does not bother but the other yes and says nothing, that moment and lost all its magic.

The sexual act can be damaged because either you or your partner does not feel comfortable while your dog or cat stares. Also, because on many occasions it is right there when your pet is more curious and his look feels prejudiced.

Immediately, you lose concentration on enjoying what is happening or about to happen and you come to question yourself, "What will be thinking?", "Why do not you stop looking at us?", Will you understand that I'm having sex? And that in the best case, in which your pet is only voyeuristic, because and what to do when it becomes curious.

First, you should also analyze the situation for him, if for example the dog sleeps with you every night and just come out of nowhere someone comes to take possession of that space and apart from everything to be with their owner. That is, on the one hand it is understandable that your dog judges you or not?

To the question you probably asked if you were aware of the act, the answer is yes, or maybe you forget your super senses and that when we have sex there is an exchange of fluids, but above all the hormones are literally "flower of skin "and this is instinctively attractive to them.

There are studies on the curious behavior in which dogs are intrigued by the smell of the intimate parts and the main reason is that they are sniffing basic information of the other like the sex, age, health and the mood of the people , in addition to sexual information of the person.

If your dog is not voyeuristic, that is, of those who only look, but interfere, two things can happen: the first and perhaps less serious, but not less uncomfortable, is that the smells sit to smell more strongly and even licking. The second thing that can happen is that you become aggressive, jealous and defend your territoriality by barking and becoming anxious.

So, to avoid all these situations, it is better than before having sex, you gently take the dog or cat in the room and if possible entertain you with your favorite toys or a delicious snack. For nothing in the world, it will block in another room or bathroom, as it will complicate things and you can not be calm while the dog does not stop barking. Closing for them is stressful, so they will look for ways to let you know how to bark, howl or tear things.

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