Have you ever wondered why you are in a bad mood when you are hungry?


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Sometimes we plan to throw our friends or relatives by the nearest window when we are in a bad mood or hungry have you ever wondered why?

Have you ever wondered why you are in a bad mood when you are hungry?

Scientists have FINALLY started explaining the dreaded state when your mate or missus is the state of being “Hangry.”

According to science, the reason’s why we become angry when hungry (Hangry) is because of our blood glucose levels. Apparently when we are hungry, our blood sugar levels level, we then become unable to concentrate and more likely to “eat the head off” the person next to you as the saying goes.

Low blood sugar also triggers the release of stress-related hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, as well as a chemical called neuropeptide Y, which has been found to make people behave more aggressively towards those around them.

The scientific effects of being Hangry

A classic study of married couples asked them to stick hooks into ‘voodoo dolls’ that represented their loved ones, to reflect just how angry they felt towards them.

For the study to work, participants were encouraged to blast a loud noise at their loved one. As you could imagine, the louder the noise, the more aggressive poke at the voodoo doll.

While the experiment was taking place, the researchers also tracked the participants’ blood glucose levels. Interestingly, They found that when people had lower glucose levels, the longer the blasts of noise they exposed their spouse, and the more pins they stuck in their dolls!

Note to self, whenever your missus is ‘hangry’ avoid giving her anything sharp, as you might end up the worst.

Being Hangry can cause your mate to be a Drama Queen

Fuente: bloke.ie
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